Can anyone help with a Wordpress query, please?

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Hi there,

Using the attached Wordpress theme to create a website, can anyone tell me a) if it’s possible and b) how to change the black at the base of the page? I’ve got some help here, but we’re a bit stuck on this and I really want it changed :slight_smile:

Many thanks

Wordpress theme

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Thanks Jude :slight_smile:

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Hi Jude,

Thanks for that, I think 'the maestro’s got it sussed now, thanks to Brian’s input - won’t be long now :slight_smile: woohoo!!

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Hi Brian, Thanks - progress is being made :slight_smile: Maestro is a happy bunny :slight_smile: and so am I :slight_smile:

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Wow! Thanks Brian - sent the info over to my son ‘the maestro’ :slight_smile:

This may be asking toooooo much! but… is it possible to make the background graduated (as the ‘surrounding’ ? border? of the page is?

Thanks - Hilary

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Hi Brian, and thanks!

The theme is ‘Atmosphere 2010’ and the website is

Cascade Academy

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hi again :slight_smile: The site is installed on 'the maestro’s hosting account, does that make a difference? If he opens ‘dashboard’ using Firefox, will your suggestion still work? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks Miles,

I’ve passed the info onto ‘the Maestro’ - I’ll let you know how he gets on :slight_smile:

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Hi Hilary
Assuming its a site? If you use Firefox, you can get an addon called Firebug. That adds a context (right click) menu option called inspect element. When the screen opens at the bottom, it should help you track down the right bit of code to change colours and things.
Hope that helps…