Can anyone recommend an accountant who can advise on UK and French taxes?

Hi everyone, Subject line says it all. Can anyone recommend an accountant who is nice to deal with and who could help with French and UK matters? Thank you

Did you find an accountant !!

Hi rebecca , what is your email address , I have number of good accountants.

Hi Rebecca - I can't help you with the French side of things but my husband is an Accountant who has his own accountancy firm in UK and does the tax for UK and foreign nationals in UK.... don't know if that helps. email on if you need him.



We too, are desperately in need of advice regarding tax. We left France February 12th, 2015 - and yet all taxes continue to be deducted from our bank account - although we advised Le Tresore, of our permanent departure from France and have supplied the Notaire's documents proving the sale and the transfer of funds back to the UK. Not sure where to go next, so really need expert advice on this one.

Thank you to anyone who may be able to assist.

Hi, I too need help..

After 5 years living in France I'm thinking of returning to the UK. I have a property there which I have owned for 16 years and rented out for the last 7, and am confused about whether it is better to sell it while I'm still in France or wait until I get back from a capital gains perspective. Can anyone recommend an accountant who would be able to advise me?