Can anyone recommend an American loan broker for a US home equity loan while I reside in France (with no USA credit history)?

Hello everyone

I've lived in France since I was 18, with just a short 1.5 year stay in the USA for a post-doc in my late 20s...and that was ages ago, before the internet existed!

I've inherited my mum's house in the USA (NJ) with my sister, and I'd like to buy out her share (she is only interested in collecting the money and does not want anything to do with the house) & then rent the house in the USA with the idea of "breaking even" on the loan + property tax + insurance, so that I can keep the house for a later date, for my children (my 23-year old would very much like to plan to live in it eventually - he's studying in NYC). It's a lovely house built in the 1920s in a beautiful setting with a lot of charm.

I'm having difficulties getting a loan in the USA, because I have no credit history there to speak of. I am doing quite well in France, where I co-own a house wiht my husband and I have my own company with a 5 to 6-figure yearly revenues...I'd like to use the house in the USA as the guaranty for my loan, since I'm borrowing roughly half of its value to buy my sister out.

Can anyone among you recommend a knowledgeable international loan broker who could help me get this done? it seems odd that in the age globalization, international multinational businesses etc, it is so difficult for an single individual to obtain a loan across borders...thanks in advance so much for your collective wisdom!