Can I copy a programme from Sky+ box to laptop and upload to YouTube?

HI all. I have recorded a programme on Sky+ box and I would like to upload it to YouTube. Before I get immersed in any potential breach of copyright, etc., I first need to know how to get the programme from the Sky+ box onto my laptop. Both box and laptop have HDMI. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

Setting up a camera in front of the TV (on a tripod) was exactly how this was done. :)

Thank you Carl and Brian. The last desktop I had (which died sadly), I left behind in Dublin without savaging it for parts but it had all the necessaries for video capture. It now strikes me that the cheapest and easiest way to do this is to play the programme in real time and film it using the camera. Upload that to computer which will create a video which I can then upload to Youtube. Thoughts on this please!?

If you have a video capture card handy you can hook them together (usually via s-video) but I doubt you can do this with a laptop.

The HDMI connection on your lappy will be for output and not input.

Was it just a regular TV program as most of them are available if you know where to look. (pm me the details if it was)