Can I keep my fixed number when I move?

So Survive France ... now its time to chip in on a little domestic dispute, that I believe can fairly easy be solved ... I just cannot find the right information myself.

We are moving. Not out of the department we live in (Landes, 40), but to the other end of it. We need to keep our fixed / landline number as it is our business-number. My boyfriend says that it cannot be moved out of the commune and I don't believe him! However, in all honesty I have to say that I have difficulties proving my point. Our question is therefore:

If we move to the other end of Landes, can we take our fixed phonenumber with us? And if yes, where can we find information online about it?

Looking forward to your replies.


Thank you Petra!

You are right. I am wrong. And my boyfriend is right (darn it!). Can tell you that he called and asked. At Free a young guy answered him: "Ahhh, that is nooot a problem" ... but at France Telecom they laughed and said "No way you can move your number so far". So we are now finding a new solution.

I found this on Orange site's FAQs re : demenagement...

and from the Orange website's Maintien du numero page - "vous devez impérativement résider dans la même zone de numérotation que votre ancien logement, c’est-à-dire, dans une commune proche de celui-ci."

I think your boyfriend may be right!