Can I take my telepeage tag on the plane in cabin luggage

I have a telepeage tag which I use when I drive over to France. This time I am flying over for a shorter trip and will be hiring a car. Can I take my tag on the plane as cabin luggage? It came with a bag to put it in when you want to block the signal so I was thinking I could pop it in that but I would hate for it to be confiscated! Thanks.


It shouldn’t be a problem, I’ve taken mine a couple of times in hand luggage with Ryanair

Thanks. That’s good to know!

Just be careful that it doesn’t bleep on the runway - airline landing fees are huge!


I’ve found that waving them around in the vague direction of the sensor isn’t as effective as when they are securely attached and correctly orientated on the windscreen, so I wouldn’t go barrelling down the 30KPH gates Sula.

Good to know! We’ll be cautious!


475 gbp for a 737 at Stansted excluding the ANS, handling or the parking charges.

I would put it in one of those secure cases similar to those for credit/debit cards.
Just in case you are flying low and happen to pick up all those télépéage tolls en route! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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