Can pharmacist see mon espace sante?

OH is allergic to penicillin. His own doctor and regular pharmacist know this and so he has other antibiotics. He went to his dentist with an abscess and she gave him a prescription for antibiotics. The pharmacy he used (not his usual) gave him the pills. They were penicillin. He did not realise and I didn’t check. He’s been lucky - we thought he had Covid, but now realise after a couple of days it’s the antibiotics.
If the information had been in his Espace Sante, which we’ve never used, then would his penicillin allergy have been flagged up when the pharmacist used his carte vitale?
We’ve got complacent. Obviously in future if anyone prescribes antibiotics he will query at the time (if he remembers!) and I will check the pack when he gets home. Could have been a lot worse.

It would be usual for the prescriber to ask whether the patient is allergic to penicillin and to note that on the ordinance. That is what has happened in my case anyway (in France). I’m not allergic btw.
Is this your usual dentist? If so, it would be sensible to let them know so that it should not occur again.
As to your specific question, I’m not sure. IIRC it requires the patient’s consent to access the espace santé

Oh thinks he did tell her, but she squeezed him in as an emergency so all a bit of a rush. I agree, she should have checked (and possibly also the pharmacist), but ultimately OH is responsible for his own health (though you’d never know it :roll_eyes: ) and it’s up to him to always check. I think he will in future. He’s had an unpleasant couple of days. Wake-up call.

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glad he’s OK now… tattoo it on his forehead, then there won’t be any mistake… :roll_eyes: :rofl:


From what I remember from laboriously filling in my Espace Santé, there is an option you tick that enables health officials - doctors, hospitals, emergency care etc. to see your details.

I’m not sure about pharmacies but since penicillin is serious, can it be written on your husband’s Amelie site page? I’m not sure if when you present the CV that pops up to the pharmacy?

our pharmacy has access to our info… yet, every year… we get asked if we’re allergic to the flu jab… but at least they ask before they zap in the needle…


From what I’ve read elsewhere, the implication seems to be no, but I’ll check next time I’m in our pharmacy.

You set the parameters of who can access your mon espace santé. So if you haven’t done that then the pharmacist will not be able to see the info.

But they wouldn’t routinely check it when issuing a prescription as would expect the doctor writing it to have checked,

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Of course. Although there was an occasion when our local pharmacist fortunately queried a prescription because the doctor had made a mistake.


I remember in Hong Kong when the change was made that doctors could no longer dispense medication but only prescribe and then you’d trot along to the chemist to get your meds.

Ignoring the possible corrupt habit of private healthcare physicians being ‘coaxed’ by big pharma into selling their drugs, it made good sense having a second, well qualified chemist double checking the meds prescribed.

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I don’t know about these things, but on one occasion the pharmacist queried the prescription I was given because 2 items were incompatible with each other. She can’t know the incompatibility of all drugs, so I wondered if the Carte Vitale system queried it?

She rang my doctor to get an alternative.

but they are very skilled in what they do know and the enormous references they have to hand.
Our neighbour was a retired Dutch pharmacist and she knew a great deal off the top of her head - amazing knowledge base.


I was wondering if the bar codes on medication are there not just for cost. It wasn’t until after my pharmacist had barcoded my prescription that she questioned the compatibility of the drugs.

I just thought maybe there is a backup safety system in place.