Can someone help me out with a sample invoice please


I have been blessed with doing a French invoice for my husband for the very first time! He does the work and I am his admin assistant. I have spoken to our accountant several times now for advice but they don't appear to have a sample template that I can work from. If some kind soul would be willing to share their template or point me in the right direction I would be so grateful as searching through the internet has just got me more confused. I've got all the basics down in my notes eg siret number and most of the wording in French of course just need help with the layout. I've got to prepare an invoice within the next 2 days for a client as they want to offset it against their tax. I've also been trying to work out how to add an automated invoice number so that each one I do automatically has a new number if that makes sense. I have admin skills but not very highly skilled with IT as only got an NVQ level 2 so please be gentle with me! :-) Merci beaucoup.

Can anyone else help out with a template please?

Thank you, just replied.

I have sent you a private message Wendy :)

Thank you, have just accepted your friend request and look forward to hearing from you :-)

Hi Wendy I have sent a friend request so we can chat about this, I have a template you could use :)