Can someone here tell me?

What does OH mean?? Pardon my ignorance my friends…I see many people writing it, I understand it’s an abbreviation but of what?




My missus says that to me all the time & I don't think I am. Being a bit of a tw** that is :-)


I'm going to share a deeply held secret. An UNABBREVIATION

"There We Are Then" is my best friends' standard answer to someone who is definitely being, well, a bit of a tw**!

let's all boycott SFN until JH tells us the answer

I'll give you a clue, Rumpole of the Bailey's wife :)

Roger, could you elaborate....?

Some things can be over-anaylsed! :-)

But 'Nickers' isn't correct is it? That's my point, plus alliteration is part of the fun isn't it - you can pronounce 'SWALK' even 'SWMBO' how do you pronounce IUKWIM?

Neither does Tracey's IUKWIM does it?

KORWICH wouldn't make much sense!! :-)

Somebody can't spell that item of underwear can they?

Old Man Overseas

OK ??? :-)

Swimming Bimbo?

And I ran the Force and sons Bishopsteignton office and worked out of Dawlish too and just loved putting up the "sold by Force" signs ;-)

American slave to master when asked if a task was completed or whether he had understood an instruction was "Orl Ko'rect'...

Vic, opposite the Cutty Sark in London there used to be an antique dealer who used an up-market version of same called 'Robin B'stard'. People used to queue to have their photographs taken in front of it.

I do like a bit of honesty don't you?