Can two people be registered on same Siret number

I am currently registered as an AE and doing the markets, and have been for many years, and in the past my wife has aided me, although she has been mainly looking after the children.

Now my wife works alongside me on a daily basis, and I have been told that my wife needs to be added to my Siret Number and the AE status needs to have her added, but other officials are saying that you can only have one person as the AE.

I am sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything in search and I need to know as I seem to be going around in circles trying to find an answer.

Jason, what was possibly been talked about is to add your wife as Conjoint colaborateur which is possible as AE but dont do it. You have to pay extra contributions for very little return much better to set up as individual AE. there is way for a wife to add her husband in France without being declared - officially you're not even supposed to answer the phone - what a laugh eh! (source of this was the C de Metiers installation course). Any way your wife can sign as unemployed for a while? she probably wont get any money but she will be able to pay reduced contributions after 6 months of unemployment. Makes a massive difference.

One point that is forgotten is that AE is a personal status and anyway a siret is issued to one person, then URSSAF, RSI/RAM and so on will deal with one person and that person has health and social cover, not the other. That would make life difficult and expensive with her paying the charges and not having any form of benefits. Another good reason for her to get her own AE status and then do the 50:50 the others suggest.

Exactly! it's by far the cheapest and easiest thing to do compared to other regimes/partnerships/employing her ;-)

You wouldn’t pay twice over as you split the income between you either 50:50 or 60:40 or whatever and you will pay exactly the same charges as before but just between the two of you

Thanks for the quick answers, it was sort of along the same way that I had sort of orginally heard it, about just having one registered, which is why i never added my wife.

Seems like I will have to get her a seperate AE status and Siret number, although would like my income to go up a bit first before hand as not keen on paying cotisations twice over when the income isn't changing, though I suppose it will be better and cheaper in the long run of adding her to mine.

I'll third that.

Second what Paula says, nothing easier than her setting up herself as an AE ;-)

If you add her to your AE you will have to pay horrendous charges but it would be best for her to set up as an AE herself and get her own Siret number and split the turnover when declaring.