Can UK cancel Brexit and stay in EU?

Just when I didn’t think I could be any more ashamed of my country something like this come along.

If I had been given the choice, I would have voted to remain in the EU.
However I would be extremely saddened if a democratically-voted Brexit were overturned.
If that happened would the Leave camp ask for a ‘best out of three’?
Here’s my way of thinking :
You mean that people actually voted ‘remain’ without knowing what was to come?
That doesn’t seem logical.
Leavers surely just wanted to ‘leave’ without any deal.
The remain camp accuse the result of being caused by a lack of information.
The remain camp spent 3 years educating those they accused of being racists and idiots. That wasn’t constructive.
12.8 million people didn’t even bother to vote.
16.1 million voted to remain.
After such a long period of education and enlightenment, we could have expected the “Revoke Article 50” poll to swell the ranks of the remain camp. Instead it fell to 6.1 million. Quite an embarassment.

Hello Paul and welcome to the forum.

You will find a great deal within our Brexit threads…and everywhere else, which might explain what the thinking is behind the desire of some/many to revoke Article 50.

Are you taking this figure from the on-line Vote to demand a debate in Parliament??? because if so, the Government had already said they would take no notice of the demand for debate. In the event, Revoking Article 50 was NOT debated by Parliament (just as the Government had foretold) but there was a brief discussion in Committee… whose Members already knew the Demand for Debate in Parliament would go nowhere.

In my opinion, 6.1 million voting for a “lost cause” - shows great determination not to be bullied.

I’m sure you will have followed all this over the months… the whole sorry affair has been widely reported across the world. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::roll_eyes:

Why - 6.1 million supporting that petition is not an indication that “the Remain Camp” has fallen from the 16.1 million who voted in the referendum to just those who signed the petition.

It is a bit of a stretch, considering how the Leave campaign constantly told everyone it would be a breeze, we’d be better off and, of course, get a much better deal than the one we had as members of the EU to suggest that all, or even a majority, Leave voters voted for “no deal”.

This is simple retrospective rewriting of history

Finally “Paul Cézanne”, really?

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This is what leave voters thought they were voting for - it was absolutely clear in the leave campaign at the time:

So what is your real name?

Yes, @Cezanne1901, you invalidate your comments and questions on this forum by using a nom de plume as seems likely in your case.

If you are sincere about your title to the name Paul Cézanne, and not concealing your real identity, I shall apologise. BTW I am behind the democratic legitimacy of the 2017 referendum to leave the EU :smiley:.

The choice was between ‘remain’ and ‘leave’, with no deal mentioned
It wasn’t : ’ leave, but with visiting rights on Wednesdays and alternate weekends’
As for the mee 6.1 million signatures to the Revoke Article 50 petition, it was all the more of an embarrassment due to the fact that expats in EU member states had the possibility to sign it.
At the end of the day Brexit will happen, whether that pleases me or not, so I won’t struggle like a hooked fish which by struggling allows the hook to dig in even deeper.
Go with the flow. Accept what you cannot change and, not applicable to Brexit change what you cannot accept.
"rewriting history’ is evoking some imaginary deal.

What an absolute load of tosh.


Insulting and incendiary tosh as well.

Actually I see that “Paul” is struggling to add a profile picture so I did some research on the 'net and I think I have found one that he can use:


BTW - Paul, how does it feel to be pwned and brainwashed by Dominic Cummings?

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Just a factual addendum for those who haven’t come across Melanie Phillips before - she is a notorious right-wing extremist, noted for her shallow grasp on reality, for believing that the Tories are too left-wing and that UKIP represented true conservatism, and - among other notions that can only be described as bizarre - that Bishop Desmond Tutu is an anti-semite!


I can’t see the image you uploaded Paul - is it my settings?

Please update your profile to show your real name, it is a condition of membership.




Well said, Robert Hodge.
Some people spread their fears either in panic and some with dishonesty

Residence :

Will it be necessary for UK nationals to obtain a residence permit? What steps will it take to obtain a residence permit?
With withdrawal agreement

British nationals present in France before 31 December 2020 will have to apply for the new title provided for in the withdrawal agreement. They will be able to apply before the end of July 2021, under terms and conditions that will be specified later.

British citizens arriving in France after 1 January 2021 will have to apply for a common law title.

Without withdrawal agreement

It will be necessary to apply for a residence permit after the date of withdrawal from the United Kingdom of the European Union.

British nationals residing regularly in France before the date of withdrawal from the United Kingdom will have one year from the date of withdrawal to obtain a title under simplified terms. The application for title must be filed within a period to be specified by order in council.
During this period, their rights as regards residence, employment and all their social rights will be maintained.

What are the official criteria for British residents already living in France who would like to apply for a residence card?
With withdrawal agreement

The criteria will be the same as those currently used for the recognition of a right of residence for a national of the European Union. British nationals must prove that they fall into one of the following situations:

Either be employed (or have been employed and registered as a job seeker)
either have sufficient resources for oneself and one’s family, as well as health insurance
Either pursue education or professional training, and have health insurance
Either be a family member of a British national or of the European Union who has settled in France before 1 January 2021 and has a right of residence there (spouse, child, ascendant, partner, concubine or family member supported or in the household of a British or European Union national).
Without withdrawal agreement

British nationals residing regularly in France before the date of withdrawal from the United Kingdom and present for more than 5 years on French territory will have access to a resident card.

British nationals residing regularly in France before the date of withdrawal from the United Kingdom and having less than 5 years presence will be able to apply for a residence permit under common law according to their situation (employed, temporary worker, self employed, retired, student, retired, third-country national, British family member) under light conditions.

Will the residence permits obtained before March 2019 still be valid after the March deadline?
With withdrawal agreement
Titles marked “European Union Citizen” obtained before the date of withdrawal from the United Kingdom of the European Union (which are not compulsory to possess) will continue to be valid until 31 December 2020. However, after that period, they will have to be replaced by the new title provided for in the agreement. Applications for title may be filed in accordance with a schedule to be specified at a later date and in any event until at least July 2021.
Without withdrawal agreement
Residence permits obtained before the date of withdrawal from the United Kingdom of the European Union shall remain valid for a maximum of one year after that date. They will have to be exchanged during this period, including if it is a permanent residence card, which will allow British nationals to hold a new title corresponding to their situation.

Is a British national who has received a residence permit obliged to make arrangements to exchange it if he moves?
With or without withdrawal agreement
British nationals who have received a residence permit before the date of withdrawal from the United Kingdom of the European Union will be obliged to exchange it. On this occasion, they will be able to report their change of address.

Will residence permits issued in France allow mobility within other EU countries?
With or without withdrawal agreement
Residence permits issued in France will allow, in addition to the establishment in France, to circulate in the other States belonging to the Schengen area for periods not exceeding three months.

Cross-border treatment

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