Can UK cancel Brexit and stay in EU?

(Jane Williamson) #61

I can’t find them, they are not shouting loud enough, apart from Tom Brake perhaps.

(Pete Paterson) #62

Can UK cancel ? I do hope so. A “mere” 635k people chose to vote to leave rather than remain, creating the majority. Not the 17.4 million majority you would assume listening to so many. A figure much less than 10% of only these individuals DIRECTLY impacted by the failures of the NHS in 2015, and who were liable to have voted “leave” only because they were (not too thick!!) but desperately wishing to believe Boris’s lies about £350M. A further popular vote is the only democratic way forward. By all means revisit the worthwhile high-level objective 5 or 10 years down the line, by which time some bright spark might have a clue what the real impact on the country will be. . . . . . with any luck I will be gone!

(Teresa Shipley) #63

Why naturally are you a Tory voter?

(Paul Flinders) #64

Er, because I am - I don’t really need to justify my political views but I generally value self-determination above collectivism so naturally fall somewhere right of centre. My views don’t necessarily fit neatly into one party’s mould though so, if I lived in the US for example, I think I would be a Democrat.

Besides most of the time I could not bring myself to vote for Labour’s policies, especially not just at the moment. Corbyn wants to take us back to about 1971 with nationalised railways and tax levels that scare all the high earners out of the country (well, I suppose it would do the net migration figures some good :slight_smile: ).

(Jane Williamson) #65

Just about the same.
On the left of the Tories.

(Teresa Shipley) #66

Thanks , I wasn’t asking you to justify your politics it was the ‘naturally’ that intrigued me. I think self determination is always valued by those of us who have a good education and a well paid job. Unfortunately there is a section of society who will always need more help and I think that they have a right to good housing, affordable transport, decent education , healthcare and properly paid employment. Imo the conservatives are taking us even further back than 1971 to a Victorian style society that relies on philanthropy. It scares me that so many people in the UK really are one wage packet from poverty.

(stella wood) #67

(Paul Flinders) #68

We’ll see what the ECJ comes up with.

Assuming the vote next week goes ahead and May looses my prediction is that she will call a referendum (as, from her point of view it gets a mandate for some course of action but is not a general election which the Tories know they will loose).

I think that this will be a mistake - for reasons I’ve gone through previously.

(Paul Flinders) #69

Here’s a problem I hadn’t thought of with a referendum - apparently there could be a good few people who don’t understand that “no deal” means “leave in the most catastrophic” manner but think it means “stay as we are now” - i.e in the EU.

(Graham Lees) #70

Supports my view that the British people shoudn’t have been entrusted with this decision in the first place…

(Jane Williamson) #71

That just goes to show how little people really pay attention to this most important of subjects.
I am surprised that Gina Miller, hooray for her persistence, has any hair left.

(John Withall) #72

May, you go in peace

(Paul Flinders) #73

Yes, we can - ECJ rules.

Well, that might change things a bit.

(Brian Wheeler) #74

UK can cancel Brexit, says EU court

Yep it’s official now so that gives us all the opt out! Fingers crossed everyone!

(Timothy Cole) #75

Now it’s over to Labour, if they have the balls to offer a new referendum then a GE will be worthwhile and this chaos could end if the result was decisive.

(Graham Lees) #76

Benn’s amendment is most significant.
If won, it tells the Government that ‘no deal’ is dead and buried.
So that leaves ‘my deal’ and ‘no Brexit’ as the only viable options.
That said, a defiant May may just not provide the ‘meaningful vote’ promised to MPs (she has form in denying MPs their democratic rights) and await a fait accompli departure from the EU on 29th March.
There again, she could convince the EU to dump the ‘backstop’ to get her dissenters back on message…

(Paul Flinders) #77

whether we have the “opt out” depends on a lot of things but it - as Margaret Beckett put it on R4 this morning - it clears the fog a little.

(Paul Flinders) #78

The really shameful thing about this ruling is that the UK government actually fought it.

Let that sink in a while.

(Grahame J Pigney) #79

Perhaps because Gina, who deserves far more credit than she gets, had others of more modest means standing with her.

Although some of us had far less hair in the first place.

(Peter Goble) #80

Just curious to know when you had far less hair than in your current photo, Grahame…:thinking::grin: