Can we do anything to stimulate the financial growth in France?

Maybe we can?

Even in a small way?

Any ideas to help your region?

Something else to think about in the cold days to come...

True survive France....


The whole point was that they loved it! I have a wonderful recipe for a stuffed filet mignon and the sauce is made from the pan juices deglazed with white wine and monte au beurre.
French recipes are not automatically much better. People who eat in our home get a better meal than any other house we go to. I cooked professionally and I do not make distinctions between the cuisine of any country, it is how it is cooked and how you you use the ingredients. French cuisine, apart from the very expensive restaurants is generally trading on the old regional cuisine, which is very boring when it is in all the restaurants in the area. Finding a restaurant here in France which does daily specials and a menu which is changed monthly is like finding hen’s teeth.

David, please remove the bad language from the end of your comment ;-)

Shocking Carol! Such diversions would never be allowed on a reputable site such as Anglo Info.

Absolutely, Mike, and Chomsky's not just a gifted social linguist he's also a full-on "sage"!

I Agree with this.

Everyone has to find their own way around.

Keep their eyes and mind's open.

Everyone is searching for the best option.

As long as it is a fair option....then why not?

Can I simply agree with you Mike without getting too involved?


Thank goodness some of you are opening your eyes to what life is really about.

How can people look towards their future and the future of those who follow in

their footsteps when they are governed by stastistics and people who can only realise

power and ambition.

The world will change and it will be changed by the people.

The poor and those who feel poor. They will find an energy from within;
They will eventually make changes to save themselves from The Car Crash...
Please do not keep telling me that the french are lost souls....they are probably
more alive than the average Brit who winges all the way to the dole queue when

the job they want to do is not available or when I am a Celebrity get me out of here goes

off air.

The average Brit does not grow his own or tend his acres.

The average Brit has everything at his fingertips and starvation is merely

a new board game to buy at Christmas.

The French are more capable than we think.

But someone told once that "God helps those who help themselves"

So why not do what we can without trying to change the system.

ps.....I notice that the BANKERS are still up to their old tricks.


But this is France and they won't change.

Sadly the one who might have a modicum of economic sense was caught with his pants around his ankles in New York...

I like to know about 'prominent people' and anyone from history, who change the world for the better


not just those establishment/approved ones who do everything according to the rules.

So many of them have come from nowhere at all, as outcasts of the establishment and suffered quite horribly in so doing. (eg most of the defenders of freedom and civil rights).

Some people have enough strength to stand quite alone, and take all the flack anyone can throw at them, even to be killed -

with just their dreams to keep them strong.

(of course villains and dictators too can be that brave and determined in their own causes and interests - so watch out and stay on the side of the angels.)

Sorry I was naughty....

Not everyone who moves to Spain is 'Benedormed' .


Careing about others around youis surely intigrating and being part of this world.

Some of you could possibly learn a lot by trying to understand your subject before

pepper me with your facts and figures from history.

It could be the very facts and figures and monumental info we digest from

prominent people of this world which cause the problems.

Inspiration, determination and a little imagination are important....this comes from

understanding and that is something you have to work out for yourself.

It can not be achieved at a university.

PS....I would not be interested to live in not like gold jewels and bling,or

live to booze or have an adoration for bisto on a sunday roast.

But we do help each other Jason its just that the majority of us don't want to live in the sort of erzatz British community you find in parts of Spain.

I agree Carol let's all think warm thoughts and not be negative. One good idea to improve the economy would be for us all to send our WFA to that nice M. Hollande. Or we could club together and buy a village shop or we could...

That could be a good plan Jason - you could start a Britclub - arranging trips and meetings and providing support for stragglers and loners or anybrit far from home and feeling lonely, in France. I believe there are some groups already, but I have never met anyone involved.

(David, and Barbara) thinking positive - isnt it a wonderful thing for us brits to be able to call each other rude names all over france and beyond, with so little trouble or cost - and so fast too. Would a bit more originality/creativity be nice? There are numerous 'worlds best insult' sites, if nothing of one's own comes to mind.

The main problem from what I have observed is that in France most of the Expats want to not stand out and want to blend in, which is great but we don't end up helping each other.

If you look at the UK, most of the immigrants tend to flock to certain parts and stick together, the Polish with the Polish, the Asians with the Asians etc and thus help each other out. In Spain you also seem to have Communities of British, Germans etc.

Now there may be not so many of us here, or in one place, but surely besides trying to help out the local village or commune, it would be good to help each other as well.

Barbara I'm not being rude, I'm not being bullying and one thing I'm certainly not being, unlike you, is patronising.

Jane...eating does not have to be out of the box.
I cook roast belly of pork slow roasted and the crackling is crunchy...

lightly brushed with honey towards the very end of it's cooking life.

This is my style of cooking but our clients expect all styles of cuisine.

I am certain that you cook well with ingredients which surround you.

Most of my french friends are not very good at cooking.

The French do not think outside the box....sweeping statement.

i know a few who are and in search of adventure.

Oh David ....are you a school boy bully or are just being rude?