Can we help create jobs in our regions?

There are ways to stimulate the tourist trade in your region or think of ways to create jobs..... even if they are part time.

You are the type of people who can help rural France with her piggy bank. I do not suggest

real change but a little something to get our French neighbours excited by a little more to look foward especikally in the winter.

Most of you are crusaders.....that is why you are here?

Idea one...IF there is an empty shop in the village arrange to rent it with some friends and open

it in summer either as a tea shop or craft shop selling wares that other locals have made.

Get together and plan.

Gather some people and open a dance centre where people can learn to dance...

You can probably use the village hall.

Organise a big fete with the mare and bring buisness to the village....

Turn your region into a destination for wedding celebrations. This brings money to

the area .....and we have the romance, the backdrop and the chateaux....just needs

more motivation.

Bio veg Co op.....

Let us find ways to help ....each small enterprise can help make France shine brighter.

There is discrimination here...YES

and there is a need of an injection of Va va Voom.

It is not about change but enhansement.

Yes, of course I believe that you have worked really hard.

That is not in dispute ....

But you may be lucky too.

I came up against massive admin difficulties in UK because they were set out

like mouse traps.

Cultural difficulties UK. here, there ...;everywhere

We just have to take challenges or hide in the bushes waiting to

be caught my the chase-men.

All the tea in china will never come our way.

One of the lucky ones - I've worked for more people in France than most people have had hot dinners - always as an indépendant or vacataire and never managed to get that CDI. OH is on the point of being forced to look for something else as she's been told her school will close in September (and although paid by the agriculture ministry she isn't a fonctionnaire) we've gone into small shops and most are dead ends where people are getting out because it just doesn't pay. Family have a couple of small shops and a hotel too so pretty good insight there. Worked at the CCI and in Universities and schools and have heard a lot of stories about what works and what doesn't. I didn't want to be negative about your idea, just realistic and point out a few things which might upset the locals ;-)

Yes lived in London and wouldn't go back to the UK for all the tea in china and understand why so many people come to France but also realise that many haven't quite got a grip on some of the admin/cultural difficulties, let alone the language, and sometimes come unstuck (English shop near me in Rodez and another in Naucelle, didn't last 5 minutes and must have lost a fortune and a lot of time and effort) Someone else moaned that they weren't accepted at the 14 July fête when they turned up in a big group - would a big group of foreigners be accepted at a bonfire night in a small village???

Andrew you may be on on the lucky ones.

One of the lucky ones with a job....I know of plenty of people in UK who are not

past their sell by date and have lost their jobs because ....IN simple they

are most structures are diminishing/crumbling and the fight for

survival of a buisness takes a vast amount of energy. Not everyone can make it.

I think that luck comes into it too.

So there are people with time on their hands here...there, here and everywhere and we need to forget

this huge image we have of the French opposition or we might as well pack our bags and go off

to the middle east or the moon. Or back to London?

Have you really an insite as to how things happen in London? You probably lived there like I did.I will not begin to tell you about the London I left and how it continues to reject anyone who is not of importance.

London will belong to the bankers and the villans and anyone else SEEMS TO BE in existance by name only. It is already happening.

Yes I know about social charges they are being paid to RSI currenly.

I understand your omnisience..I can feel your confidence.

It is great to have.

Lets allow others to enjoy the chance to be dreamers in France and try to re-boot the

French villages.

Nice idea Barbara, don't forget opening a little shop isn't as easy as that and the reason so many are closed is that they don't pay their way - are you aware of charges sociales and just how high they are? plus the JT 13h on TF1 already run a campaign each summer trying to get people to keep village centres alive by opening/taking over village shops. Also, not sure about the percentage, but a lot of us on sfn are already working full time here in France ;-)

A word about trying to do things in areas where there are a lot of brits/foreigners - you may well come across a lot of opposition if you're trying to change things or "tell the locals what they should be doing" - organise a big fête with the maire - nearly every village has a comité de fêtes so careful you don't put anyone's nose out of joint. unfortunately a lot of well meant arrangements and efforts end up causing a lot of hassle as people aren't aware of what's already going on around them and "how things work" - France is incredibly political even at village level!

Bonne chance comme même ;-)