Can we set up a buisness like this?

....I am currently discussing a business idea with a company...... an established brand based in France. I too am based in France.

We are wondering how we could establish a company with the following.....

It would be a SPECIALISED re -location holiday with a hotel or chateau location

and some meals would be included.The establishment would have to be paid.

The teaching artists would need to be paid.

ANY transportation cost would need to be paid for.

As a director I would be managing the project and uniting all the people

and I would receive payment for this.

The other director would be taking care of marketing and PR.

How can we get this under one roof and only be responsible for our own

portion of tax..... as the holiday would need to be paid for as a unit with

a total price tag?

any ideas?

Yes the clients will be mainly British.

It will start small and a UK based company could be a better opportunity

as the profits will not be immediate.

It is a holiday based on offering a quality place to stay with everything the Hotel 1.

Then the tutorial.....landscape gardening.

Operating a vineyard,

Learning about bee keeping....

Yes dreams....and looking for clients who can afford to dream and then

move on to view properties.....with the possibility to re locate.

The other director is a major player in the international property

market. Also based in France like myself.

He feels that he can market the idea/product...that is something

which he has achieved with his current product.

It would be great to create a greater tourist market and to elevate the

property market at the top end.

Any further ideas are welcome.

Thank you for your comments Steve and Kwashie.

Depending on what your forecasted turnover is and whether the services you are "buying in" have VAT on them, a simple SARL might be the simplest idea.

Im a UK Chartered Accountant, with no great knowledge of French taxes, however the general principle would be that each service provider would have to invoice each guest, if you only want to account for yourselves, and pay taxes for yourselves. Obviously impractical, especially as you dont want the guests to see your mark-up. So its down to having a limited company, or partnership (french equivalents) and sorting out the accounting yourselves.

Alternatively you could set up a UK company to take care of everything, you and your director would have dividends and/or salaries from them and pay french tax/british tax whichever flavour you prefer. However all costs and income would have to be routed through the company. Which is fine if your guests are from Britain. French guests may baulk at paying money abroad.

Hope this helps!