Can you pause your Auto Entrepreneurship?

Hi All,

I asked this some weeks ago somewhere on this site but cannot find the thread back.

I started as an AE about 2 months ago but the business for one reason or another is not actually going to get off the ground this year.

I had heard if you stop your AE then you can not re-start in the same business, a bit of clarity on this would be good.

If that is the case then does anyone know if you can pause your AE for a time and then re-launch it?

I know I won't pay any imcome tax but I don't want to have to pay social charges while I have no income and for a lot of the next while I will quite possibly be livin in the UK until things are better sorted with the business for a return.

Thanks if you replied last time or this.


Hi Ian,

I started with AE in 2009 and then stopped in 2010. I then started with AE again with AE in Feb 2011. At the time I was advised to stop (due to returning to the UK for a few months). When I started again in 2011 I was told that I could have stayed with AE and just put 'nil' on my declarations for up to 8 trimestres. Starting up again was easy enough & I even got the same siret number...but....I am still waiting for my carte vitale after 2 years!!

I hope this helps?