Can you recommend a laser printer?

Looking for a small cheap reliable monochrome wifi laser printer with reasonably priced toner replacements, any suggestions please?



Many thanks, Steve. Unfortunately, I binned it a few years ago. I don't think these adapters were available then. If I still had the printer, this would have been ideal.


Al If you still need a solution, you can get USB to parallel convertors

James. Given that OS X is supported by most that leaves the "problem" of Android and Ubuntu. I have exactly the same requirements, which have caused some problems in the past. You will need to ensure that the printer you choose is first supported by CUPS ( and the only two manufacturers I have found who - usually and regularly - cater for this with drivers are EPSON and HP. So that reduces the choice somewhat. If you use Google cloud print through Android, whatever configured printer you have - should work - once working on your network. Depending on your Ubuntu version, check out the CUPS lists, look for drivers and feedback, then choose. Bonne nuit.

OS X, Android and Ubuntu Tim

I've also used Morgans, but for a desktop purchase. Their main business does seem to be cartridge refilling, whether laser or inkjet. See this link for more info.

As far as warranty goes when it comes to £60 printers situated in a foreign country. I have the impression that you might be invited to send a faulty printer back to them for 'investigation', but at your expense. At the conclusion of the investigation, a further fee would then be payable for the printer to be returned to you. Legally, very hard to complain about, IMHO.

Refill and lose your warranty. Yes in normal circumstances but not if you buy from morgans. I've no connection to morgans but i've recommended them to a lot of people because of this agreement they have in place to give away free printers so long as you take their toners. And you don't lose your warranty.

Trouble is the price of refills. As Martin says, refill cartridges and lose the warranty. I'm also looking around and see no actual advantage in importing since most cartridges are around £60 a go and then add the shipping charges and it only squares with French deals with free delivery.

Hi. As in all instances the initial cost of a new printer is one matter, the ongoing cost is something else.

I note you say wifi. But this can be an expensive option.

Have you considered that most broadband routers have a USB port and you make the printer work as a network printer through the USB (or at least you can with a Mac).

This could save you money that you can then spend on a better printer that makes better use of the toner it uses therefore ongoing costs are reduced.

I suggested morgancomputers. I know that with these guys the printer is brand new and the toners they supply do not null the warranty. Again something to think of if you buy a cheaper printer and then want a cheaper toner.

Don't forget that these days the printer manufacturers will give you the printer for free on there basis of how much they charge for replacement toners. And if you use a 3rd party toners well whoops goes your warranty if changed in the first 12 months.

back to morgans.

I just called in at the computer store where they built my PC and do our maintenance and asked, the man there told me they have the next model up for the shop, Samsung SL M 2022 W, which he showed me and printed out a sample. It is a really good quality printer at just over €100 going on the page he printed which included a picture. I'm looking too and since I can share my OH's colour printer (and her mono laser really) would like to have my own mono printer at hand beside me.

Hello James,

What operating system (or systems) are you using?

No recommendations, I'm afraid, but I'm always amazed by how much laser printer prices have fallen. I bought a QMS PS810 mono printer in the late 1980s and it cost £4,000 plus VAT. Sadly, the supply of spares ran out over the years and its only connection was through a parallel connection -- try finding one of these on a new computer. I've always planned to pick up a cheap modern laser printer for correspondence. This thread might push me in that direction again.


Small typo in Martin's message - I think he means

I can tell you NOT to buy a HP inkjet!! Bought one of their outrageously expensive black cartridges yesterday - the only one that will work on their printers - and after installing it the software told me that the print head needed replacing as well!! It would have been cheaper to buy a new printer!! Which is probably what I will do. Hurrumphh!!

The Samsung looks like a good buy. I've been using a similar Tally-Genicom laser printer which is, I understand, a rebadged Samsung, for about 6 to 7 years now, and it's still going strong. Couldn't find Win8 64-bit drivers for it as a Tally, but found that it works perfectly with a Samsung driver, which tends to support its Samsung origins.

What is especially interesting about it is that you can save big bucks on the toner by simply buying a toner refill kit from Toner Topup. I just had to unscrew the top of the cartridge & pour in the fresh toner, using the funnel in the kit. I also bought a replacement chip for the cartridge, but am not certain if this was strictly necessary. In fact, there was enough toner for a couple of refills, so doubly economic. (When you open the cartridge, you should also throw away the small amount of waste toner that sits in a corner of the cartridge, but that's all explained when you buy the refill.)

Most toner cartridges can be refilled like this, though there is a limit to how many times you can do it for a given cartridge because of the life expectancy of the photo-sensitive drum inside. The refill process may be as simple for other brands, but for some, such as HP/Canon, you have to cut a hole in the top of the cartridge and reseal it after refilling.

Brother offer the best deals with respect to on going costs of toner cartridges. I suggest you look at You can get a brand new printer for FREE! yes FREE so long as you purchase a couple of sets of their toner. And they will ship to France. I know because that's what i'm using.

There are a fair few to choose from, ideally below 150 euros, is anyone using any of these from Amazon

Maybe this?

Samsung ML 2165 W Imprimante Laser