Canadians renew French driving licence on line?

Are there any other Canadians here who have tried to renew their French driving licence on line? Ants won’t accept a Canadian passport as ID

Have you tried with your tax identification? That’s what we used.

Thanks Jane, will give that a try.

Morning Jane,

Just thought I’d let you know they have refused the tax document. Still saying scan front and back of your valid residence permit. Without this, we will not be able to examin your file. Getting a tad frustrated. P.

Have to say… that if it were me… at this stage I would be visiting my Mairie.

Ours has a “public” computer there and an offer of assistance… (sometimes one needs to make an appointment)… but it’s useful in that the Mairie folk know how to work around the various sites… and even though it can still be very frustrating at times, even for them… they’ve never been known to fail… YET.

Have things changed in recent years… do you need a Visa or CdS nowadays… ???

best of luck…

Thanks Stella, We started off with the Marie in our village, who advised us to go to Loudun Marie, who advised us to contact Potiers who weren’t very helpful and asked why we wanted to renew, had he lost all his points?
So are just going round in circles. I had hoped Jane’s solution was going to work, but no luck. So it’s back to the drawing board!

Time to call the Canadian embassy perhaps? Given links between Canada and France this should surely not happen!

If your various Mairies don’t know why your passport is not acceptable… or even talked about CdS etc as a possibility … that is a real blow…

Must admit… I have a French DL… a pink, paper one. which was supposed to be exchanged within a couple of years… but the goalposts have been moving… gently.

The Fr Gov has now moved the deadline so many years into the future (for changing these old-style to the plastic credit-card size …). that I probably won’t be in any condition to drive then anyway. :hugs: :hugs:

Hi again Stella,

What is a CdS? It’s my husband who is Canadian, I am British. I applied for both licences on the same day… I have already received my new one!

‘What is a CdS ?’ I can’t believe that anybody is asking that question. :slight_smile:

As soon as I posted the reply I realised Stella meant a Carte de Sejour. I thought she was referring to a Canadian document we could use. When we moved here 9 years ago my husband didn’t need a CdS as he was moving here from the UK and was married to a British subject. When we exchanged our driving licences to French, his Canadian passport was accepted.


Thank you for your suggestion Jane, we may have to consider that as a last resort.

No wonder you are vexed and perplexed… this is most odd. :upside_down_face:

When I sent my UK passport for something… I think I did… passport open… so that the front and backcover made one scan…

then I scanned the inside double page where my photo etc is to be found…
does that make sense…

but I have no idea what a Canadian passport is like…

goodness, this is very trying… if you didn’t do the previous change on-line… but face to face… that might explain things…