Cancelling an amazon account

Has anyone else simply given up on trying to order through Amazon (Uk and France)?

This stupid verification system they have of ‘sending a code’ quite simply doesn’t work and the code does not arrive. I have tried on two computers with the same zero result.

I have had an account for years on both French and UK sites - both of which are accessible UNTIL I want to pay for an Order, then and even though my password and address are correct, they will not accept my order (for a mere €500 odd euros). Granted I do not use the accounts that often, but this is just over the top.

So Amazon gets no more business from me (which I am sure will not worry them in the slightest!)

As I said at the beginning has anyone else had this problem? If so how did you get it corrected - assuming of course that you did?

Just had the same problem today.
When the screen asks for a security code it arrives via a separate device i.e… mobile phone?
All well and good but often by the time my bank has sent it the Amazon web page has timed out.
Good system when it works but very frustrating when it doesn’t.

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Amazon has never asked me for a verification code - my payment method/s are stored in my account to enable ‘one-click’ purchases. However, my bank HSBC France, always sends me a verification code for online purchases - great system!!

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I think it’s called 2 factor verification and is a security measure.
I ordered some goods from (through the AFFILATES link a the top of the SF page) and it worked just fine.
You don’t have to cancel the account, just don’t use it any more if it troubles you.On the other hand if you wish to reset 2 factor verification:
To disable Amazon’s Two - Step Verification , please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Amazon desktop site and hover over your name.
  2. Click Your Account .
  3. On the next page under Settings, click Change Account Settings.
  4. Click Edit next to Advanced Security Settings.
  5. Click Disable Two - Step Verification .

Congratulations. Jeff Bezos has quite enough money and seems to have a reputation as a cheapskate. So you can help someone else’s profit margin instead.

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I refuse to buy from Amazon, unless absolutely necessary, as I feel they have enough money!

I will always look elsewhere even if it costs a little more.

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Barring (but not exclusively) supermarket stuff - I almost always use Amazon here in the Pyrenees, signed up ages ago to their Prime service. Excellent prices (almost always) and excellent delivery. Simply can’t remember what it was like before they came along. Oh yes I can - expensive, traipsing around to find stuff, burning fuel, bad service…it’s all flooding back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


and - don’t forget that it you use the affiliates link on SF, they get a slice of the action :innocent:
How else do you think this excellent site manages to fund itself?


Latest delivery - my namby pamby cream :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for that Graham, I will try that out. I agree with many of the comments here about the usefulness and merits of amazon (don’t forget they publish my books apart from anything else!), but I do get peeved with systems that simply don’t work - especially when created by the ‘experts’ who are supposed to know what they are doing.

Well - Amazon handles around 5 million transactions per day - so I guess it’s not a system problem :wink:,, Cdiscount, Lot of alternatives to amazon that work perfectly well, and can be cheaper.

I personally don’t want to live in a world which is dominated by a very few global brands. Just imagine if the only restaurant left was McDo…

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HSBC can be really zealous with verifying your purchases. Recently wanted to print out a couple of stamps costing less than €3 but still needed to turn on my mobile to recover the security code. Using PayPal is often a useful short cut.


I too have given up - by the time I have driven up the road to get a mobile signal and returned home again the page has timed out! PayPal is far easier.

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Yes but of course Amazon and PayPal are different in many ways. In fact these remain the only two Companies I use when purchasing online. Simply because I trust them ad more than ten years experience has confirmed that. This is in no way an attack on Amazon integrity, just (to me) a stupid and unnecessary system thing that doesn’t work!

Well I used to be an advocate for Awesome Books in the UK, and again no attack on their integrity, but for some totally unknown reason their use of Colossimo as a delivery agent simply doesn’t work, and I don’t know why as it has worked for me when I was despatching books all over the place. Now I get deliveries from Amazon, eBay (Fr and UK) CDiscount etc., etc., plus a couple of accounts in Germany (yes payable by PayPal in each case).
But with Awesome Books it is truly weird as my last Order was despatched in two parts, apparently some postal rate agreement thing I assume. I received the first part, then received a notification that my other part, ‘could not be delivered - address unknown’.
As I live four houses from our Maire in a village with only twenty houses in it, and I have THREE small-ish ID boards with directional arrows down the very short lane to my door I find this ludicrous. However as it has become a constant I have sadly given up on Awesome Books.
I still get some deliveries via Colossimo, but this is one of those systematic glitches that confound and dumbfound me. Notifying Awesome always gets my money back as the books have been physically returned to them. But that’s not quite the point of the exercise is it?

I keep getting emails from saying I have to add a mobile number or my account could be locked, but I have already updated my number

One feature which makes Amazon unique: you can use the same account on Amazon in different countries. I have used my account also in, and Just login as usual.
I have 2 Factor Authorization setup with the Authy app on my smartphone. Very easy.

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