Cancer Support France

CSF is a national French registered charity/association. There are branches throughout France giving help and support to English speaking people affected by Cancer, whatever their county of origin.

Hi there , sww you are near Montpon , we have a groupin Riberac - is that any nearer for you? Paula , Sent you a friend request.

Hi margartet, I would very much like to get involved, I am in 24 near Montpon, is there anything I could help with?


Hi everyone . Just joined this group. I am Secretary of CSF Riberac , have lived here for over 13 years and worked with CSF for many years . CSF Riberac has a drop in Centre for anyone on the 4thFriday of the month in Salle 1 in the Palais du Justice building in Riberac right in the centre of the market. Drop in and see us for a coffee and friendly chat if you are around. We also have a Marche de la Vie on 6th October at Salles Lavalette 16190 anyone interested.

No-one should feel alone with cancer - we are here for you and there are associations all over France


I am new to the group, so an introduction! I am English my other half is French, we have been togther 3 years, almost, I moved to the Dordogne from Lot-et-Garonne to be with him.

He was diagnosed with throat cancer in august and operated at Bergonié in October. He is doing really well. EXCEPT he doesnt want to go out, to see anyone or do anything; I think I sort of understand, but I need contact, light relief, to talk about something else! Normally i would speak to my sister but she has terminal cancer and my mum is 91.....!I am feeling isolated and very lonely. What have other spouses done to avoisd this type of thing???

Andy - In the New Year!
Jo - My excellent GP referred me to IM Montsouris, top Urologie team in France. I could not ask for more.

Good luck - I am being treated in Paris too - Institut Curie & Pitié Salpet. - They are really great.

A long haul but it is great to have the support 'specially being so far from home Take care

Welcome to the group, John! Glad to hear you are 'fixing the problem'!

We are in the throes of trying to establish an association in the Paris area - slow going, but it will be worth it in the end! - and would be pleased to hear from you. Contact the National President at !

Andy Shepherd

National Committee.

Just a quick note to introduce myself to this group. In June I was diagnosed with T3 prostate cancer. The doctors, specialists, nurses and technicians in Paris have been excellent and I am well on my way to fixing this little problem.
I look forward to contributing to this group and sharing some experience or tips etc along the way.

If you are still unable to contact them, David, contact the National Office on 05 45 89 30 05 - suggest Tueday between 10 -12.30 as there will be someone there at that time, rather than just an answering machine.


@ David Cox,

I had lobular breast cancer 10 years ago and am wondering if there is any new method of detecting it?

Also is it genetic? I was adopted so cannot ask the appropriate questions.

I am coming to the Centre Leon Berard on Tuesday, 17th for a petscan, which I am having for the first time in France. If the machine is working this time!!

Uh oh email bounced back... tried to call and the line is busy.... Will try again soon!

Hello Andy,

Thanks! I am sending them an email now.

Best wishes,



Thank you for your offer of assistance!

You might like to contact the Lyons group at

Andy Shepherd

(CSF National Committee)

Dear All,

I was just surfing the groups, and found you. I am a cancer researcher in Lyon. My background is biology, genetics, and epidemiology. I'm happy to field any questions anyone may have. If I don't have an answer, I'll see what I can do to help find one!

Best wishes,


The Coeur de France group would like to update our details which are as follows:

Helpline: 07 70 44 19 196


President :


Hi Jane,
Welcome to the group! I am so glad you health is stable at the moment. Fingers crossed it remains so and you get the all clear. I couldn’t agree more about the care here, and the follow-up systems are wonderful.
Thank you for offering to be available to others. Such contacts are always valuable. If you would like to help more fully, do get in touch with a local CSF association if there is one near you. You can find them all listed on our website. Watch out also for any events going on this week it is our Awareness Week, so there will be lots of publicity about. The list of events is also on the website.
Best wishes,

Hi everyone, only just found this group on here. I had cancer myself 4 years ago here in France. I had colon cancer, stage C already in the lymph nodes so quite advanced. I had a huge surgery, intensive care for 4 days, 2 1/2 weeks in hospital. Chemo for nearly a year. There’s a little something on my liver but it stays stable so we just watch it and leave it alone.It will be 5 years in April and I’m hoping I get the all clear if CAT scan etc is all ok. I’ve had brilliant care in France. If I can offer any advice to anyone in the same position or simply help by talking I will be glad to do so.

Hi Jeannie, My breast cancer was also in the sentinel lymph node and quite a few others, but not in the tissue. I had the tumour and lymph nodes removed, then had two different types of chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy both on the affected areas and on the lymph glands in my chest (the ‘next stop’ after the lymph nodes in your armpit apparently).

The team at Rennes were brilliant and have left nothing to chance. I’ve had every sort of scan imaginable to make sure as best they can that there is nothing lurking anywhere, bone scans, vital organs, you name it. I recently commented on a pain in my hip (fell off my horse!!) and within 48 hours had had another bone scan to make sure that nothing was amiss and to put my mind at rest that it was just a mechanic thing, nothing else. I’m guessing by now you’ve had your op.

One thing I wasn’t really expecting was the subsequent problems with lymphoedema after the removal of the lymph nodes, and the fact that it’s a condition for life, still, seems a small price to pay. But it seems that lots of women fly through lymph node removal without any difficulties whatsoever.

Thanks Linda, I will do that.