Cannot remember

you have to fill in a “day-month-year” thingy…

Surely, you must know when you bought. :thinking: that’s a starting point… after that things should get easier :crazy_face:

An electricity contract is another way of dating… if it shows your French address on the bill and NOT the UK (or wherever)

where did you come from ???

It is the day we cannot remember, can I put a random day, can they check?
Yes, we have the purchase attestation.


Righto, so your property doc gives you the earliest possible date.

Bearing in mind that one can live in Europe for some months before “deciding” to be permanent - I reckon you can come up with your own date… so long as the Tax things will support you. Check your Taxe d’Hab bills. They should show the address as Main or Second residence…

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Stella,I think I have gone around in a circle :crazy_face:
Following Dans’ advice I will just add explanations in the comments box.
Whats a day here and there :thinking:

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Sounds like a plan.

At least getting something “done” is a step forward and the powers-that-be can (and will) ask for any other info they need…

All will be well in the end - :hugs:

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I didn’t say they didn’t, I was just making the point that the French authorities are not going to be too concerned about the actual date if it was than more than five years ago so as long as you know the year and the month. This is just the registration phase, you’ll likely to be asked to produce more documents when/if the applications are processed.


I agree with @tim17
On that basis, if you know you moved in month xxx but can’t remember which day (and it’s over 5 years ago) then I’d be tempted to say the 1st of month xxx +1 which means you are not claiming an earlier period than the actual.
If over 5 years, the actual day/month/year is academic and unlikely to raise eyebrows or cause sucking of teeth :wink:
Just don’t fret about it - the stress will do you no good.


Stella Graham and Tim :hugs::hugs::hugs:
We need a sucking of teeth/shoulder shrug emoji’s :wink:

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If you have an approximate idea, that vaguely matches banks statements then just write an attestation sur l’honneur that you arrived on x date. This is what we did roughly 3 months after arrival for our application for CPAM (give or take a week or so perhaps) and it is what we use as “the” date.


Relax… :hugs:

You do not require a CdS, and the Préfecture will not action your request when they receive it.
As a consequence of the Brexshit nonsense, France has decided to introduce an entirely new ‘residents permit’ specifically for Brits. Your need not apply for it yet - you have 6 months after whatever deal is done. See details at

What a confusing post. It’s also worth pointing out that the application process reached by your long winded link will want to know the date that you arrived in France.

Have you completed a tax return? On the first one that you fill in you have to give the day that you arrived in France. If so do you have a copy?

Sorry, Dan - are you saying my post was confusing? Or the OP?

Your post.
For a start the topic has been covered in great length on another thread started about 10 days ago and the process involved is talked about by posters replying on this thread.

You then say there is no need to apply for a CdS yet give a link to apply for a CdS.
Next you give a link which takes you to a page which has the link instead of going directly to the French site.
Finally you say that is for when the deal is done when in fact it is the route to take if there is a no-deal Brexit.
I found it confusing.

Threads will wander… each person gives what they can
and, yes, information is often repeated, sometimes several times…

That’s just how it goes… for example, more than one person has mentioned the Tax Return … :thinking: :roll_eyes:

Please can we all relax and not heckle one another… :pleading_face:

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Im aware that you mentioned the tax return but you also seem to have been under the impression that the OP and her OH moved at the same time and did a joint initial tax return. In the headline post it’s made clear that the OP arrived several years after her OH so I thought that mentioning her first return, was important.
I still maintain that the other post is very confusing but perhaps it’s just new non British posters like me who don’t understand the system. I guess I will go back to lurking and give contributing a miss. I hope it all works out fine for you all.

Sorry Dan - but now you are confusing me! The link that I gave does not take you to any link. It is the current UK Government guidance specifically for Brits living in France.
The situation is actually very clear now, thanks to the French - who have designed a specific solution for the situation that we find ourselves in.
Everybody will need a new ‘Residence Permit’. If you have an existing Carte de Séjours you will have to exchange it for the new permit. The French site (confusingly!) refers to the new card as a Carte de Séjours. But for the OP, who is struggling with an application for (I have assumed) the existing CdS , they can forget it. Wait for Brexit to happen. Then apply online for the ‘new’ card. Since the website is already up-and-running (very sensibly, so that they can sort out any technical glitches in advance) you can sign up online now if you want to - but applications will not be dealt with until the event. They have allowed 6 months after Brexit to deal with applications. Remains to be seen whether the system and manpower availability will cope - it wasn’t the French who asked for this workload!
To try to clarify a bit further. Currently, as a member state of the EU, British citizens are not required to have a Carte de Séjours - this is a documentary requirement for non-EU country residents. Earlier on in the Brexit cock-up, however, the British Government jumped the gun, and recommended all Brits to apply for the existing CdS - but the French have over-ruled this by creating a Brit-specific residency card, regardless of the outcome of Brexit.

It took me to here by following the path to information on residency;

That is the link given for the French Interior Ministry’s site.
I am not affected by the CdS situation but have tried to get a grasp on it as my wife has dual nationality and if we decide to return to France we would be be able to use her U.K. one if that route remains particularly straightforward.
I know that U.K. Citizens do not need a CdS. I also know that Brexit is probably likely going to happen within weeks and that the British Embassy in Paris has recommended that Brits get prepared for the future. The advice has always been to apply for a CdS -EU EAA and Suisse but the current advice is to change tack and to go through the IM’s site. These details have been shared on this forum and others for many weeks. The IM portal is specifically designed with a no-deal Brexit in mind but I’m sure that they will adapt it if a deal goes through, the final card may be different but the process will not change very much.
As I said I found your post mid-timed and confusing. I still do. In your latest post you are confused about the term CdS, that’s not rare as the card already issued to UK citizens is entitled Titre de Sejour but later uses the term Carte de Sejour. (this too has been discussed to death) No new card has been invented for British applicants although the process of application has been simplified. With a no deal the CdS/TdS needed will cost €119 (instead of the usual €269) but in the case of a deal it will be free. Do you know how the fees are calculated? I do!
I can see no indication that the OP is applying through the old system, in fact I had presumed that they would be following the more recent advice. Both application systems ask for the date you entered France. For me that’s normal, making the most of the time we’re allowed in Europe has been a balancing act and the time and date of arrival and departure has been critical.

To get back on topic…

It is confirmed that the on-line setup for Brits does ask for a date on which one considers oneself Permanent. dd-mm-yyyy

so figure on a date which seems to make sense - if one has been here more than 5 years. (but try to have an even vague paper backup).

and there is always the box for extra explanation…

Best of luck everyone…:hugs: