Canoeing the Soustons

After too much holidaying and food recently, for a change I'll take my canoe down the Courant de Soustons this Sunday. If someone local has info why this is not a good idea (apart from le mois de janvier), please let me know before I drive 150 km there. The local canoe business says "la descente est fermée" but I am sure this means their business for the winter, not the river. And of course if anyone is crazy enough to be interested, let's talk (I know the canoe club expired peacefully some time ago on SFN)

(photo with a friend's kids from September)

Thanks Catharine, very kind of you and I would love to but considering the distances and unknown river conditions I doubt I will have the time or stay presentable. If James is into such adventures, we'll repeat it another day, anyway I have to go further and further to find new rivers. Have a nice Sunday!

James probably would be but can't tomorrow :(

Feel free to drop in for a cuppa afterwards if that suits? Phone no is 0558915706