Cant live with them, cant live without them!

If you have been following James naming of the cat I said I woulds tart a new thread, so here it is. What are the silly, embarassing downright awful situatuions your animals have put you in???

I have the best cat in the world, that is the vets diagnosis not mine, althought I do have to agree. He was badly hurt by a chasse dog and saw the vet every day for months, he would climb into the carrier and when put on the table would get out and lie down tum up. when all the poking and proding and worse was over he would mew and get back into the carrier! Beat that§

BUT he was also the cause of a very embarassing moment. Once upon a time I live d in Lot et Garonne. I found Charlie under the fig tree having been thrown from a car. He was fully grown, his back was open to the vertebra and he wa bleeding from his ears. I gave him some water nad wished him well. Half an hour later he was at he door mewing to come in...........the rest is history as they say! I have always wanted a marmalade tome so I was well pleased! He was christened Charlie from the first day.

Maybe a year later a friend popped in for a glass or two, and told me I looked tired. I explained Charlie had kept me awake all night coming in and out of my bedroom window, and jumping on me. With a horrified look she took her leave.

It was some days later i started to giggle as I realised teh son of our neighbours, then about 30 , was also called Charlie.................................!!!Quite a cmpliment really that she should think a delicious young man like that would scale the roof of my house to visit me in the night!!!

When I saw her and explained she was covered in confusion!!!!

So come on what are your moments??

I have had this conversation several times with friends, one of my gingers was aboy, but isnt! Do be careful when talking abou your Chatte to people.............! I seem to think all cats are Chats to avoid emarasssing moments!

We have had our cat for over ten years, we live in Vietnam. He is called Mr Bigglesworth,

He was very annoyed when I took him to the vet to have his injections and microchip put in in order to bring him to france. He was very embarrassed about having to lie on his back and spread his legs and for us to finally understand that "he" is a "she".

Its a language thing here, I must have misunderstood the first time and I am still getting my head around the fact that she is a she..... not sure what to do about her name!... "missy biggies"?