Cantona to run for Presidency

Former international football star Eric Cantona is running for the French presidency claims daily paper 'Liberation'. He is apparently seeking the 500 mayors signatures required to run. Liberation printed what they claim is a copy of the letter sent to mayors offices nationwide where he declares to represent “the millions of families who have been forgotten”.

'King Eric' as he is affectionately known has yet to confirm these reports and his French website is currently under construction.

If my memory serves me, when Bouncing Czech Bob Maxwell, 'owned' my team Oxford United, Oo Ah Cantona was the star player. Bear in mind 'twas my team since 'twas Headington United, and 'goin' up the Manor' was a Saturday Pilgrimage, as was ABC minors. Johnny Love, Graham and Tank Atkinson ( a drinking buddy of my Dad's ) were players, in the days ( Ron! ) when one called a spade a spade.

'Bobby Bobby give us a wave', was chanted by the un-barackaded fans, all adoring, and fully aware that Bob rented the poshest council House 'Pergamon Hall' for peanuts. But we forgave him everything, as he had acquired the wonder boy Eric.

Apart from filching a few books post war, Bob had really done nothing wrong, by his own admission he was that oxymoron a wealthy Socialist, not the Pension Fund Plunderer he became.

Eric, had a style, an arrogance all his own, rarely matched since. Someone quite happy to kick box jeering fans, and still wax lyrical about seagulls, that defined the man.

Football genius, film star, chanteur, poet, President why not? I would pit him against the Hungarian, megalomaniac xenophobic poodle, any day.

Cantona for President? OOO AAAHHHH

Some how I think that with President Eric - nothing would ever be the same again - G8 would certainly be more exciting to watch!

Hooray for Eric ( the King )