Caption Competition

No prizes, just for fun!

This photo just in from a lady who adopted the 2 kittens, Nico and Kimi now Nenette and Pompom, found in the dustbin (third one had died).

What do you think, discussing the state of the euro perhaps??

Obviously the shoe must smell absolutely delightful! :-))

Fantastic, and made me chuckle, all of them!

This is Nenette, the one sticking her tongue out in previous images!

They are both such characters, here is Pompom - passed out??

Valerie and I are in the same word play, I think she's saying:

"My darling, I WANT to introduce you to my partents, but I'm afraid they'll think you're a bit stuffy."

Oh wait Lynn, is this Pompom (a boy)? If so, I'll have to change my scenario.

"You think it's funny I look like I've had a blow dry? You're stuffed - you're going in the washing machine."

I'm thinking along the lines of

"Have you found the escape route yet"


"Race you to the food bowls"

No idea what is going through the head of the little lady (?), but she seems to be very content!!!!