Car headlamps cheap?

I'm in process of getting my Alfa 147 French registered and I need to change the UK headlamps for French ones. Someone told me there is a German website for 2nd hand ones but I don't know where it is -- anyone know? or any other advice?

I'm looking to convert my slightly rare Toyota Hilux over to european lights sometime over the next year. The headlamp shop mentioned by David Gay advertises on ebay (UK) and seems to have the most comprehensive stock, although for my car always new and always expensive. You can set up an auto-search on ebay, and they do occasionally come up.... I just missed out on a pair that should have worked for my car as I bid too low...damnation !

How's your italian ? Could you track a second-hand set from Italy from a breaker's yard ? More readily available for your slightly rare car than in France I'd have thought.....

Try I have now bought 4 sets of headlights from them. Always prompt and well packed.

I think it's simply a case of the newer cars, my stilo is only 4 years old, now simply dip, not to one side or the other, but down so they don't need changing from one country to another - but I haven't checked and we're driving to the UK in a week's time so I better go and do so! As for the alco test, I'm waiting until the autumn as they're not issuing PV until then ;-)

being a newer car, the garage probably flicked the switch to change the lights, If someone's given you a CT and the lights still dipp UK style then the car is dangerous to other road users at night, you blind them (certainly the case with older cars as they dip to the left but the left side is still pretty much on full beam so you can see the kirb) there really is no excuse at all, all you need is a bit of masking tape, it takes 3 minutes to do before you set out, I used to do it while waiting to offload from the ferry. Newer cars have lights that can often be changed from one country to another - set to dip left or right. I'm not 100% sure but it seems that my stilo break simply dips (4 year old LHD Italian import), neither to one side or the other, so wouldn't need changing either way and I think that's the way most cars are going now. Google in french changement de phare voiture anglaise and you'll come across masses of info for all those who import old british classics and they all have had to change the headlights...!

PS, never been ripped off anywhere here but you need to be fluent and have a local accent (plus it helps to be mechanically minded too - I got my lights from a local scrap yard and changed them myself;-)

I had to change the headlights back in 2005 - they wouldn't accept the converters for the CT and as you say David, you have to put the car through the CT as part of the registration process here in France. Always bought LHD cars since her in France, currently on an Italian import (but the dealer did all the paperwork)

I can't agree Hayley. A friend of mine had been happily getting his car CT'd with those little plastic prisms which convert the headlamp beam (and incidentally seem to reduce the output by 50%) last year the technician at the CT centre said no longer must have proper RHD headlights. We recently imported a UK car and in the process of reregistering the car had to go to the CT centre. First question the technician asks "you have changed the headlights haven't you?"

the headlights have to be changed to get the car through the CT - unless it's a newer one where you can change the direction of the dip. if they dip the wrong way - UK - they blind on comming drivers!!! I had to change mine but got a pair cheap from the local casse auto - that's the best bet ;-)

This is the German shop I think was referred to. They offer both used and new headlights but if I recall the majority are new. They are German/English set up to service the BAOR and they are very helpful. You might find it useful to get a devis from your local Alfa/Fiat dealer and then compare prices.