Car Hire, best prices

(Karina Driscoll) #1

Hi, does anyone know of a reasonable Car hire company Bergerac / Villeneuve / Agen ?. My mother is coming to visit in June with a friend and wants to hire a small car for 7 / 10 days.



(simon parr) #2

I have absolutely no problem declaring my personal interest in Buggs car hire, in fact quite the opposite. Most forum sites ask for a Pen name so i just did it like that. It is refreshing to find a site where everyone is open, so pleased to have the opportunity on Survive France. So hopefully certain people will not consider me underhand in the posts i make.
Buggs has been at Bergerac airport for nearly 5 years and are not a new set up, we have had over 3000 hirers so hopefully we can find one who will vouch for our services.

(Christina Bernier) #3

I agree with you…there is no reason to not be up front about having a business, surely that’s what it is all about…

(Roger Thomas) #4

The point was that he wasnt up front with it.
He stated that his business was the best @ bergerac and I Quote:-

“the best car hire company at Bergerac airport is

Not under his own name (posted under ‘Simmy’), no reference to being in any way associated with the company, that is not a recommendation, it is hidden advertising and as such is unethical. Sure let people know that your business could help but always declare your association.

(Christina Bernier) #5

I have heard through the grapevine that the new bugs car hire is cheap and good but have never used them myself.

I think it’s alright for Simon to recommend his own business as long as he is upfront about it and says who he is. After all he didn’t start the thread and was simply replying. It would be crazy for all of us who have businesses in France can’t reply to threads concerning our own trade without mentioning our own company.

Just my opinion! :slight_smile:

(Catharine Higginson) #6

I think the problem here stemmed from the use of a pseudonym perhaps?

Now Simon has posted as himself, everyone can clearly see that he is Simon who runs a car hire business and obviously Simon’s going to be biased and think that his business is the best :slight_smile:

‘C’est’ normal as they say in these parts!

Equally other people may have had very good experiences with other companies and its great to hear about all of it - good and bad…

Anyway, have you found a hire car yet Karina?!


(simon parr) #7

thank you for your comments Roger but cannot see how me recommending one car hire company is any more biased than you recommending another. As someone who has considerable experience in the car hire business at Bergerac airport (which is where Katrina was interested) i would expect my opinoin to be valued. But, like myself, you can only post what you have experienced.
However it interesting you mention cars only six months old, you may find, as i did today, that many of cars in the hire car park at Bergerac airport are considerably older. The companies are only franchises and many of the cars are dragged off the forecourts of the local garage who run the franchise. The large companies also use “broker websites” to book their cars and on many occasions they are over booked and frequently people turn up to collect a car which does not exist. Luckily buggs are there and often help stranded people left with a booking form in their hand but no car, one weekend last summer 13 families were told “sorry cannot help you, come back tomorrow we may have something”. Great start to a holiday!! As a small personal outfit, you can only book direct and we never double book, we take all the relevant details before people arrive and telephone them to confirm all is booked and assure them a warm welcome. Sometimes price is not everything!! I could go on & on but too busy with clients.

(Roger Thomas) #8

Used Europcar several times and cannot recall any problems, they always gave good service and the cars were less than six months old, good luck with your enterprise but like a lot of forum members I object to biased posts.
Why not advertise on this site and help the founders to defray their costs?

(Catharine Higginson) #9

Hi Simon aka 'Simmy"

The post is fine and thank you for clarifying. However as per my previous message you will need to change your user name back to your real name as we don’t allow ‘pseudos’ here, the next time you log in. Thanks!

(simon parr) #10

Hi Roger, yes i do have a connection so slightly biased. After suffering the large car hire companies for many year s decided to try and run one for my self. Now in our 5th year and have gone 4 cars to 45 and still cannot keep with the demand, it seems the no addon charges and attention to customer service is the key. Lots of regular visitors and although price is always important we do not have the reputation of adding additional costs to the hire when people arrive to collect the car.
Not sure if this type of post is ok as a bit advertorial but our growth is based on word of mouth and the quality of service.
Could bore you for ages with the policies and tactics of the well known larger car hire companies, not to mention the thousands of broker websites to book through, but an interesting article on Bergerac Europcar who were adding huge hidden charges to peoples credit cards for extras they did not want and it was in the Sunday Telegraph last year & can be seen at telegraph online website. Car hire can be a very controversial subject and peoples experiences vary immensely, some prefer the large multi national companies and some prefer a small local company.

(Roger Thomas) #11

Any Connection?

(simon parr) #12

the best car hire company at Bergerac airport is

(Roger Thomas) #13

Try Europcar, I’ve used them from Bergerac airport and no problems, always choose the smallest on offer occasionally get an up grade!!!

(James Higginson) #14

Hi Karina, nice to see you back here!