Car identity

Is there any way to check a cars history in France such as the hip check in the uk. Buying a used car privately and just want to know it’s not subject to finance or been in a crash/written off/ repaired.

You may find this link helpful.

When you buy a secondhand car in France the seller should provide you with a certificate de situation administrative that proves that the car has no outstanding finance payments due.

Written off cars cannot be ‘rebuilt’ and put back on the road by amateurs in France, that can only be done by professionals under the supervision of an insurance ‘expert’ who has to sign off all of the work before the carte gris can be reinstated.

It’s worth noting that the CSAdministrative document should be less than 2 weeks old… and the Controle Technique should have been done less than 6 months ago…

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Exactly… :upside_down_face:

I provided the link because it gives all the relevant information.

Quite so… but folk often forget the timing of the documents… always worth the reminder… :wink:

There is a new government service too -