Car Insurance Black Listing

Yesterday I received a registered letter from the car insurance company Eurofil with whom we have had our car insurance for a number of years - more than 6 to be precise.

We are advised that we are now considered 'high risk' and that our insurance will not be renewed, PLUS that we have been entered on a 'black list' used by all car insurance companies as such.

On questioning this we were told that we had been involved in three events/issues in the past three years, and that was the reason for the decision. By pushing them the three issues were two as completely innocent parties where 1) a woman went to sleep at the wheel of her car and hit us head-on. Acknowledged and accepted and files with the compnay ad police accordingly. 2) When we were not even in the car but it was hit in a car park in Turenne. The driver was honest and openly declared and accepted the responsibility. Again we were completely innocent.

3) Was my fault where we have tricky parking in our house and I got the car on a rock and ripped out the undercasing when reversing. We paid over half that bill with our excess amount on our insurance.

So one only case of poor driving, and in which no other vehicle was involved or anyone injured, and which we paid over half the bill. Our NET cost to Eurofil being about €300.

That is one issue, but the Company says it has the right to refuse insurance to anyone they see fit, no matter how unfair it may seem - and of course the usual small print covers that nicely (for them) even if stupidly in our opinion.

However the 'black list' in my view is something else again. This is claiming that we are a 'poor risk' on the basis of spurious information and judgement. This will DIRECTLY infringe on our credit rating (we don't have credit anyway but the principle remains the same). More importantly though this seems to be a direct infringement of our CIVIL RIGHTS as it directly denigrates us in the eyes of third parties.

As with many here we live in an area of almost zero public transport, so a car is essential for us. This issue now affects our total lives and seemingly there is no recourse in law against their arbitray decision.

OK, they don't want us, and idiotic or not, that's is their right, but when this is spread around blackening our name and affecting directly on our quality of life and personal reputations.

In the UK and Australia cases such as this could be forwarded to an Ombudsman, but I am not aware of any such organisation here in France.

So, two issues - a) have anyone else found themselves in this or a similar situation, and if so what did they do about it? and b) does anyone know of a decent insurance broker or even sane insurance company to whom we could insure?

Well, I'm a bit oldy worldy myself, so it sounds ideal!

Didn't realise there was a CC in the centre of Brive. The one I know is just down the road from Carrefour on the industrial area near the Ibis Hotel.

The restaurant is good and a bit oldy worldy. I've taken quite a few people there (mainly ladies !) and they have all been impressed with the food & service etc. In a great setting too opposite the church. Aubazine is quite impressive too.It's best to reserve cos' they have functions etc.

Hi Peter

yes that's the place.A bit chaotic between 12-1.00pm but much more civilised ether before or just after.

Hotel de la Tour, Aubazine? - OK I will make a note. We don't go to lunch very often, funds don't stretch too much, but about once every six weeks it's nice to have a lunch somewhere, and its nice to get a recommendation from other than the tour guides!

Yep, signed the insurance for the car today, all good and cheaper than we are paying now - plus a nice little two months free as well. They were not competitive with the house insurance though, so for the moment Eurofil hold that totally through price - and the fact that we have never made a claim ever on that side.

I don't know there was a Cash Converters on the other side of the A20, I go into the one in Brive city proper - near the market. Good stuff there although I don't often need to buy but today a I saw 90cms TVs going for €159.00 (Samsung and Sony) which seemed a heck of a good price to me.

The Grand Frais is another one I don't know, so I will ^pass that on to SWMBO as well. SFN members have been getting me a few Brownie points this week and doesn't that make a nice change!

Ta again, all round!

The hairdryer sounds like good fun Norman, my luck would be for a police car to pass by at that very moment !

I occasionally eat at the Carrefour (the one just off the A20 ?) and find the nosh quite good for a self-serve. The 'Caféteria' in France for me seem to be either pretty good or quite bad - there doesn't appear to be a 'bog-standard' level of cuisine. Can't get down today tho', my next scheduled visit 'south' is in about ten days probably. Hey Norma, why not treat the little lady to a nice meal in Aubazine ? The food and service is top notch at the Hotel de laTour.

The Grand Frais in Brive (on the other side of the A20 from Cash Converters) is a good shop too. Good quality products.

Well done with the insurance.

Thanks Peter,

however I think the situation is now resolved and we head off to Brive this morning to sign up with MAAF. Funny how things sometimes work out (thanks to SFN!) as the new insurance is even cheaper than what we paid for this year, and the house insurance also seems highly competitive.

We will even indulge ourselves with a lunch in the Carrefour Restaurant. Any place that does 'a volonté' (is that right?) is popular with me!

Plus, and without wanting to produce a cross-over thread, my wife's twin sister has terrible landline connection where she lives, but has a mobile phone that is much better, but also very expensive to use. Reading here (elsewhere here if that makes sense) that SFR seems a good option, we might also bite the bullet and get one - although I suppose you have to have two subscriptions for husband and wife? Obviously two units, anyway we wil check it out.

Always maxing a day in the town SWMBO will get her hair done, whilst I will browse through Cash Converters marvelling at all the stuff I don't understand,- so a busy day in Brive.

I sometimes wonder who else from SFR one might pass by on these trips, as I know quite a few are in the vicinity of Brive. So if anyone sees a silver-haired old git, of some six feet (in old money), invariably in a blue and black parka* possibly in the company of a set of much shorter, but silver-haired twin ladies, then say 'Hello!'

*I have been told on occasions that I look like a gendarme in this, which is quite funny and I have noticed cars slowing down when I am standing by the car on occasions. I am seriously thinking of standing with dark glasses on pointing a hairdryer at passing cars just for the Hell of it!

Hey a pensioner must find his fun where he finds it?

Have a look on here Norman

They may be able to help.


thanks again for the heads-up - I agree with you on good businesses should get good business, it's just a pity that so many don't seem to be that bothered.

I remember running an MBA course section on the benefits of good Customer Service and Management, and being laughed down by my French students when I said 'unless this is done, people will go elsewhere'. In their view bad service was part of the French way of life and there was no alternative. As MBA students were older and usually in business themselves I found this intriguing and even an unbelievable exaggeration, despite some of my own experiences. Now I am not so sure.

However I DO believe that any efforts I made to inculcate this area of 'good business practice' has landed on unreceptive ground worldwide over the past 25 years or so.

I wrote an article in Human Resources Magazine a few years back questioning whether in fairness to our students we Profs. should also add 'Cynicism' to our Courses. My own conviction was 'yes we should'.

Hi George,

after a lifetime in Marketing and advertising I can only say don't believe everything you read in print notably 'research' or 'opinions'. Quite a lot of money has been known to change hands in these areas to obtain favourable reviews. The word 'Lobbyists' springs to mind.

Hi Paulette, the wording on their original notification document reads as follows;

NB: La resiliation (i.e.their's) ou la suspension d'un contrat affecté d'au moins un sinistre survenu au cours des trente six derniers mois et/ou ayant fait l'objet d'un manquement aux obligations contractuelles eg non-payment de la cotisation ou declaration inexacte du risque (neither of which apply), entraine son inscription dans un fichier géré par: l'Association pour la Gestion des Informations sur le Risque Automobile(A.G.I.R.A.) 1 rue Jules Lefebvre 75009 Paris.

Now I am not a lawyer but that sounds a heck of a lot like a 'black list' by another name? Certainly as I mentioned before it was stated by our bank as being the reason they (Pacifica) would not insure us. Although even they had the good grace to say it was unfair - but 'that's the way it works'. Not true as you and others have pointed out, but what would any normal person's reaction be to seeing that clause?

Michael, as I stated - 'we may have no choice' I meant it at that moment.

We live where there is NO public transport and the nearest shops are 8kms away. I am aged 75 and my wife 66 so what the hell were we expected to do? Walk? Just in case anyone says 'you should have thought of that before you moved' I would only add that a) we did and b) after driving more more than 50 years and holding FOUR driving licenses in different countries, plus an international one, and only ever being involved in ONE accident at the beginning of that time, I put on my 'actuarial hat' and considered that country living and driving far less than ever before in cities and intercities and even inter-countries, any risks would have been mightily reduced.

We all make bad judgements, but I don't believe that was one of them. Choosing Eurofil definitely was, but even then it took over five years to realise it.

Anyway others have provided excellent advice and information which has aleviated and even removed the problem.

That great Norman. It's nice to see nice people getting business.

It seems possible we may have to drive illegally at some point as we just can't do without a car where we live. That doesn't sit easily with us, but we may have no choice.

Norman you do have a choice, If you get stopped without assurance, you are liable for a hefty fine, and disqualification, If you injure someone, or their property you are liable, to a term of imprisonment, horrendous costs against you, and loosing your property!! Do NOT DO IT !!

We use Cluny Mutuelle for both our house and car insurance. We pay less for more cover.
We too had problems with our car insurance with Pacifica through Britline (CA) and they too have lost both the car and house insurance.

Which? don't seem to agree with that comment

In France the best is the maif or a filiale maif

Avia, have a bad reputation within the UK.

Hi all,

thanks for all the help and encouragement over this and it looks as if we have resolved it through MAAF (thank you, John). Indeed they have noted exactly what others have said. Yet there were at least ten companies who wouldn't entertain us - INCLUDING Pacifica which is part of our bank Credit Agricole as we understand it. CA also told us 'that was the way it worked' when patently it is not true.

Even more interesting and satisfying os that the MAAF quote is even cheaper than what we are currently paying Eurofil, and the latter do have a habit of increasing each year. My wife's twin sister has also been viewing this as she too was /is currently insured with Eurofil (on our recommendation) for her house, which is will resign whent the time comes.

So the net result for Eurofil will be one House insurance resignations and two car insurances. CA will lose a House Insurance and not be considered for auto insurance in the future. Brillant Marketing?

That puts a smile back on my face!

Thanks again everyone.


I read in the January Connexion that France has just eliminated the nonsense date windows for policy cancellation. We can now cancel at any time without penalty. It seems like Eurofil needs to be replaced.

I work for AXA and I have never come across such a thing as an insurance blacklist and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist! It may exist in one umbrella company and across their subsidiaries (know by lots of different company names) but don’t worrk about being completely blacklisted. Most online insurers are very picky unless you ‘fit in the box’ so to speak. For an agent, they can be much more flexible, for example, we only need to know about any claims in the last 3 years and then we input them as responsible or non responsible. Very different when you are dealing with an experienced trained person to an admin clerk in a call centre and a management who make stupid rules but are never visible to the customer! Don’t let Eurofil put you off