Car insurance for 6 months only?

I plan to bring my BMW Z3 to France in October from Italy (i.e. Italian plates at the moment). As I already have a French car (Peugeot) I was thinking of keeping the sports car in my garage for 6 months of the year during winter and using the Peugeot. Firstly does anyone know of a good insurance company that doesn't charge exorbitant premiums and also is it possible to insure for half a year? Thank you.

Your insurance status exists on your Peugeot

Presumably your car has (albeit exorbitant) Italian insurance at the moment which will cover it until you bring it over.

Until you reregister it with French plates it is a foreign vehicle and does not need to comply with all the insurance regulations.

Just don't put it on the road until it is all done.

Thank you.

Not sure about them speaking English... we spoke together in French. I imagine someone there will know a little English.

Perfect, thanks a lot. Do you know if they speak English?

Look forward to seeing you at some point.

Try Groupama at Capestang. They have the low mileage discount. I found I got cheaper quotes than other companies I've been with over the years, and most importantly, they have a bureau in Capestang (near you) - so if you have any problems, there is always someone you can talk to - face to face.

Thanks Pauline, that's very useful.

For the first question it's a matter of getting quotes as each company rates risks differently. For the second question, no, because France insists on continuous insurance, ie even if you say the vehicle isn't in use then by law it still has to be insured. In order to cancel a policy you generally have to provide evidence to the insurer that you no longer own the vehicle, and if you did manage to cancel the insurance whilst still owning it, you'd find it near impossible to take out a new policy six months down the line.

But most if not all insurers do limited mileage policies, so for vehicles that aren't used a lot you simply take out a policy with a low limited mileage, and save money that way.