Car Insurance pending Carte Gris


I came on looking for help getting an insurance quote for my two cars. I’m in the process of registering them in France, but they still have UK plates whilst I wait for the Carte Gris. I came across Fab in the links above and wondered if anyone had any experience using them, or had other recommendations?

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Cannot fault @fabien - he has been great for our car and home insurance.


Hi Rod, you can also use google directly, search “fabfrenchinsurance” and you’ll see the reviews made by some of our existing customers, some are really heart-warming and we’re more than grateful to be able to work with such a nice “community”. Cheers,

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Hi Fabien,

I did make an enquiry through your website yesterday - did you get it ok?

Have been using Fabian since before moving to France. House, 2 Cars & Mutuelle - pleasant, efficient and so far rather great insurance and prices.
1 Car took over a year running on UK plates, but finally sorted registration and seamlessly moved insurance…

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