Car insurance

Hi My wife and i are about to move to France,will we retain our no claims bonus ,that we have built up in England.Or will have to start from scratch in France. regards Bill

Didn't know that about foyer, thanks Roger.

Protected and claims made, No: protected and claim free, yes. Remember that assurance policies in France cover your 'foyer' and so if a member of your foyer had made a claim...................

does anyone know if you are entitled to No Claims Bonus if you were a named driver on a policy for the past 5 years with protected no claims whether this counts in France? I am hoping to get a little car later this year but I haven't had my own car since 2007 so have been insured on my hubby's car which is UK insured. My car will be French Registered.

same here, proof from UK insurance gave 50% French NCD


Aha, but the comeback for the agent is, that during the apero after his daughter's birthday party in a couple of weeks, I shall just happen to mention how Jérôme sold me my car insurance and also just happen to mention how WE could have looked at my bonus...


I think I was done! Darn...

We asked our British insurer for a letter indicating the amount of NCB and the length of time it had been held. Our French insurer accepted this and gave us the maximum bonus.

you'll need proof, the problem is that UK insurers usually give full no claims at 7 years. In France it's 13 years and max is 50%. I managed to start halfway up the ladder before climbing to the top. Shop around and you may be able to do the same. If not, you'll probably have to start from scratch again as Brian said. Bonne chance ;-)

Like the rest of us, you will start all over again.