Car Insurance

We leave the UK April 2nd in two cars, Teresas the nice car and mine the battered old ten year old golf that works as well as a mobile skip as it does a motor car,a proper builders car.

My Tax runs out March 31st and my Insurance runs out on may 9th.Ill make the tunnel without new Tax :slight_smile:

What are my options for motoring in France,am I better off having my UK insurance extended so that it covers me for 3 months in France (the limit they wil cover me for) and buy myself some time.

Will I have to replate the car in France straight away to be able to insure it and if so is there a French equivalent of a wont be coming back to the UK so replating is not an issue.Its one of those cars thats not worth spending any money on…

Any advice welcomed


Thanks everyone for your answers,sorry I havent replied sooner but Im trying to finish a house renovation aswell as help Teresa organise our move to France.
Ive been in touch with Stuart Collins and have had a quote,a hundred pounds more expensive for third party than our fully comp here in th UK but I suppose that was to be expected.Probably the road i will go down with my car.
Teresa is on top of the coc for both cars so at least Ill be able to get a control technique at some stage :slight_smile:
We think we are just going to replate her car and be done with it.Weve had experience importing my Irish car in to the UK 5 years ago so know what to expect,but in French! :slight_smile:
Thany you all for making the daunting less so

Hi - my policy in the UK was with the AA who I discovered when I went to insure my newly acquired french car are AXA - so no problem in transfer of my no claims bonus - however you do need to bring this with you - it will halve your payments! Incidentally AXA are a very efficient organisation to deal with - Good luck Jill May

Technically you got a month to re register, round here the insurance companies are refusing to insure foreign plated cars for more than a month, just had the problem re registering a Spanish plated van. The police are also stopping right hand drive cars on UK plates. They know the brit rules, so its a pay your money take your choice. Good news is should be easy to register a relatively new golf try to get a c of c from vw in the uk before you leave or its 60 euros over here. 60 euros for a control technique and 100 for the registration and you are legal for 2 years. then for 60 euros every 2 years (control) you can keep the mobile skip for another 10 years

Try insuring it with Stuart Collins who give you a 1 year green card (your car has to be in the UK for 1 day a year & you need a UK address). The policy is actually with AXA and you can have repairs done in France (I know as I pranged ours 1 week after getting it!).

Alternatively you can also get your UK plated car insured in France for 1 year although now you have to show you have applied for french plates or are in the process of doing so practically every month (again AXA - I can recommend Jean LaPlanche Pezenas - speaks English)

French MOT is Control Technique. You need a certificate of conformity for your car (try getting it from a UK garage before you leave if you can) There is a post about this in the archive somewhere back in 2010 on Survive France.

We’re still on English plates and as its going back to the UK for a while we won’t bother changing it this year (it’s a LHD).