Car is a write-off but insurance valuation incorrect

I just wrote off my car (strictly the person who drove into me did). The valuation is much lower than I’d hoped (I would say that I know). But they have used the wrong car model and age, I have contacted the inspector to clarify. My own research says to buy the same model and mileage car would cost me between €5k and €6k So the offer of €3k is derisory. So far they have just corrected the model details and not changed the offer.

I know written off amounts never cover the actual value but can anyone suggest an official french site I could use to argue my case?

Write more letters, argue, complain, be a pain in the arse, they will pay eventually!

Never accept the first, or even second offer. Good luck.

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I agree with James… the other person ruined your car… not you… they should pay to replace it…(at least their Insurers should).

Do you have Insurance Vie Quotidienne? This allows you to have your own Expert to fight your corner…worth looking into…

A neighbour’s workman made a hole in my garden wall with his lorry. His Loss Adjustor talked about the age of my wall and offered a few hundred euros to do a patch job… but my Expert pointed-out to the LA that the integrity of the whole wall had been compromised. He got me the whole lot rebuilt at their expense…not mine ! Worth every penny of the 70+ euro annual charge. :grin:

So, fight on…letters and emails… don’t let up…I take it you are dealing with their Insurers and not yours ?? 'cos of course your Insurers will only pay out the sum that you have the car valued/insured with them.

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It just happened last week. I have only talked to my own agent at the
moment and the inspector who as far as I know was liaising with Axa (my
insurance). I am used to how it works in the UK where afaicr its all
through your own insurance company. I have had no contact as yet with
their insurers.

I have a legal cover thing with Axa too so (perhaps naively) I thought
they’d be dealing with it.

Over here … a claim should be made by you against the other person…as far as I am aware…

In UK, I was told once… your no-claim bonus is just that… for no-claim… it’s not a no-blame bonus… if you put a claim through us (my then Insurers)… that is a claim and we deal with it…you can keep your no-claim bonus only if you have that protected under your Policy…

hmmmm… very confusing for me… but I learnt my lesson… I go for the jugular (nicely) of whoever is to blame :grinning:

Just a thought… why do your Insurance Company have incorrect details of your car ??? or have I got the wrong end of the stick… I reckon they will only be working on the insured value of you car… :sob:

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Perhaps send adverts of similar cars of same model, year and similar mileage - can you ask them to provide you with a similar car?

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L’Argus is the go-to car valuing publication, they are probably online as well. If your car is a normal French car you should be able to assess its value fairly accurately.


I could only communicate my agent or with the expert inspector. And eventually he did give me a valuation actually 15% higher than the argus one though still less than a replacement would cost.

My AXA policy has a capital reparation clause that allegedly pays up to 1500€ above that valuation if I go ahead and get the repairs done.