Car Leasing

Does anyone have experience of leasing a small car in France? Is it sîmilar to the UK and is there anything to watch out for?


I know there is Car Hire as a friend has just taken on a vehicle for a week, but not sure about Leasing…

I guess you are referring to leasing location longue durée (LLD).
No personal experience but - like n the UK - I hear that you have to be realistic about the contract terms for annual kilometerage. Exceed what you contracted for and the penalties can be financially unattractive :thinking:

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Do you live in France Sue or is it just for a visit that you need a car?

We have a house there and plan to be there permanently soon.

Ah, so rent a car while you look for one to buy ??? or more long-term than that ?

The reason I ask is that most garages have special deals on new cars … you ‘lease’ for a set number of years and have car servicing included and then can buy at a lower price.

Some banks also have very low lending rates … my French partner was able to have a loan over 4 years at 0.95 % interest, this enabled him to get a very good deal on his first ever new car !

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Thanks Ann, this is helpful to know.

Sue Allen

Sue - did you mean to publish your mobile number on a public forum ?

It seems to be all the rage to lease a car now, rather than buy it outright or with a loan. We looked at it briefly when thinking about changing cars and decided that the benefits were not in our favour. It worked out more expensive than a straightforward loan, and the small print conditions were fierce as you have to keep it in mint condition and stay within the km limits.

We decided that far better to buy 2-3 year old cars and keep them for a year or two.

(And then never got round to doing anything, so as ever are driving our old car until it drops…)

Thanks Simon, removed it now.