Car lights for sale

Hope it’s OK to post this separately as well as in the sale topic but it’s a bit unusual and pricey for the small ads …and somebody might see the opportunity to earn a commission!!

Complete LHD headlight kit.
For Toyota CH-R Hybrid 2020 model year.
Original Toyota equipment bought by friend in Dec 2020 original cost €1800 to meet insurance requirements.
In mint condition with original boxes and full documentation.

Offers please….or suggestion/contact of who might be interested.
Would be prepared to pay commission if a buyer can be found.
Reply via this post or email message (in case post not seen!)

I just had to take a double take, quite literally - is that 1800€ just for headlights?? :scream:

Yep, Toyota dealer price, it’s a full set.
They had to be those so as not to invalidate warranty, and it’s not possible to get grey market ones

Wow, and I thought my BMW headlights were expensive - they pale into insignificance compared to those :scream:

Very interesting but it would be more useful if we could please stick to the issue to my problem …not a discussion on the merits of various marques of head lights!

It brought the advert into view as well, but you live and learn :face_with_raised_eyebrow::confused:
Posts deleted, happy now.
Try Le Bon Coin or a specific forum for the car model, but unless you find someone who has accident damage to the front of the car you will probably struggle to sell.

Had the same problem with a Merc SL ten years ago, eventually got OEM units for €1,000. Thank goodness todays LEDs are switchable.

Well my local CT garagiste suggested I smash the RHD ones (stones?) and claim on my insurance for new LHD ones. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Not a solution I ran with :slightly_smiling_face:

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Some folks can get very creative, and that’s precisely what us honest folks end up paying for in premiums - but sure it’s the thin end of the wedge for may creatives out there!

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Guess you are right, my friend (now back in UK with his rhd set re-installed) just needs to stumble across an owner who has had a front shunt and so needs a new front set. They are complete units nor just lamps and reflectors such are the delights and cost of latest technology.
It’s going to depress him greatly to “skip” them.

French eBay or French Amazon as well.

May sound like a silly suggestion, but how about trying the toyota garage, as I know our local citroen garage does offer to fit secondhand parts if they have them. Worth a try???

Lacentrale seems excellent for cars. Very used by dealers. Not sure if they have a parts section

My guess is that skipping them would not be necessary, but that he will have to wait for a while to find a buyer and take a hefty hit on the original price. €500 sounds toppy and he may have to settle for €300 or less but that is still worth having and nice to think they will be used rather than go to landfill.