Car loan with death insurance

My husband bought a new car on 22nd June for which he took out a loan and death insurance. He died on the 29th July and I sent by AR the relevant paperwork which was signed for on 10th August and today 16th I have received a letter detailing out the insurance loan etc. with the first payment due on 31st August and it states he is covered for insurance from 1st August. Am I in trouble as we had thought that as soon as he drove the car out of the forecourt he was covered.

I am devastated by my husbands death and then to receive this letter I am in pieces.

I don’t think anyone is going to be able to help you without seeing the paperwork. Presumably everything is in French so you must be struggling with it.

Are you in touch with an Assistant Sociale? If not then you probably should be and they will be able to help you. I know your French is not good but you can use Google translate and get all your questions in French. It won’t be perfect but it will be understandable.

I think I remember @Sandy_Hewlett offering to help you so maybe she can help with the translation or visit the Assistant Sociale with you.

People want to help you Maggie so get in touch with them.

I send you my warmest wishes xx

Maybe going to your local Mairie, they should have a CCAS department (Centre Communal d’Action Sociale) who might give you first advices.

I do have an appointment next week with the Assistant Sociale, but of course I have had to get a notaire so that everythin can be put in my name. I did do a lot of google translating but in the original contract there was no mention of when the insurance would come into play, Gordon also took out insurance for accidents but no mention of that only coming into play on the 1st.

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I have been in a whirlwind for 2.5 weeks and remembering everything has not been easy.

It’s good that you have an appointment next week. That’s a positive step.

I hope someone on here will be able to ease your mind a little.

Take care Maggie x

Thank you very much.

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Margaret, I’m happy to help if I can. Don’t feel you have to do all this on your own.

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Hi Sandy,

Thank you how can you help me?


Margaret I’d be happy to accompany you to the meeting with the Assistance Sociale and help with translations.


That is so kind of you but she speaks english, I don’t really know how she can help me right now apart from my Carte Vitale, I won’t know until everything is sorted out how much I will have per month. Where do you live Sandy.

Hi Margaret… at the very least, I am sure Sandy would be pleased to speak with the Loan company… having that hanging over you cannot be pleasant… :zipper_mouth_face:

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Hi Margaret, I’m at Monclar which is about half an hour away. Might it be easier if I came over to see you, say tomorrow?

I’m out this morning and back this afternoon, but we can speak by phone? I’m at 05 53 49 02 82.

I can’t advise about the car loan but can certainly speak to people on your behalf and try to help.

Best wishes


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Yes that would be good but there are lots of papers to look through.

Yes that would be lovely, I will call you later this afternoon if that is ok.



Margaret, it was good to speak to you and I’m glad we’ve made contact. We’ll speak again soon … remember, I’m at the end of the phone. xx


Thanks Sandy have posted about the car. Tonight I received a phone call from a couple we have not seen for a couple of years they are over for a couple of days and have invited me to lunch tomorrow. Nearly said no but then I listened to what you had said.

Maggie (Margaret)


Hi Margaret
Sincere condolences on death of yr husband.
Must have been a terrible shock.
I am an English lawyer semi retired living in Causses et Veyran.
The contract is the vital document.Most probably for effective contract there has to be a payment ie Consideration.Did your husband pay anything at all before first premium fell due?
If the life Insurance not effective maybe you can ask Insurance co for a payment ex gratia without admission of liability.
Am happy to help you but my french is poor.
I think you would need a specialist Lawyer on the case.Maybe same firm can assist you in the winding up of the estate ie Probate.
GB Embassy in Paris will have a list of bilingual lawyers.
If there is estate in UK you would be well advised to seek Solicitor help there.I can recommend some firms.
Best regards
Richard Buxton LLB

Hello Richard and Welcome to the Forum…