Car parking Bergerac Airport

That’s a good tip that I hadn’t considered!

I have written numerous emails to the car park management Mr. Eric Godin requesting opening times when my car can be removed and have had no reply, I had a neighbour who was going to collect for me, my feeling at this point is that like a lot of business’s the airport is on pause, so extended car parking fees should be also paused as collection or information is impossible
and Covid has made travel impossible to operate as normal

You are closer than I thought then!!! I can do the airport in 20 minutes with a good tail wind :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I did the same and also got no reply from him. About a year ago a French friend of mine here in the UK did actually manage to get hold of him on the telephone. She explained the situation at the time. At first he was disinterested stating that I should have bought an annual ticket. I can’t remember how much they are…but that advice somewhat missed the point even a year ago!
He did then ‘mellow’ in the face of her flirtatious conversation and said that I should contact him and he would “see what he could do”. Despite my efforts to continue contacting him, I never received a reply.
In the end, during the autumn, I asked a former English neighbour, who now lives permanently nearer the airport, to retrieve the car from the car park by means of paying the ‘lost ticket fee’ which was something like 180€ and so far less than the many hundreds€ it would have run up in fees since it was left, in about October 2019.
I know it’s not ‘right’ but neither was their attitude that you should still be liable for paying the parking fee…even under these exceptional circumstances. I even resented having had to pay that ‘lost ticket fee’.
There were those on here that seemed to be in support of the airport’s stance citing that the airport were still paying their insurance for their parking facilities. However, there is actually a notice at the airport stating that the airport takes no responsibility for cars left at the airport etc. So, this seems to be a disclaimer absolving them and so I’m not sure where paying the parking fee to maintain their insurance premiums come into it.
I agree and think that at the present time all fees should be waived on that big car park and the barriers should simply be left open. Afterall, it wasn’t so long ago that it was free all the time anyway…before leaping to quite expensive rates?

I don’t know law in France well enough but it’s always worth remembering that in most countries those signs aren’t worth the plastic they’re written on. They’re primarily a deterrent to stop claims. If you park your car in Tesco and a giant T from their sign falls on your car and makes a massive dent in it and cracks the windscreen the fact that they have some BS sign wouldn’t make the slightest difference in the eyes of the law, nor would it necessarily in any other situation.

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True, however you do  have to demonstrate negligence on their behalf.

I know this will not comfort anyone finding themselves in this unfortunate situation. However this is the precise reason why I never park my car in any chargeable place when I fly. Not that I anticipated Covid, but I am always worried about getting stuck somewhere with car parking charges mounting up.

However if you did contact the car park to try to arrange to move it and were refused or received no reply then personally I would have thought you should not be liable for charges beyond that point since it is them that abnormally closed.

Trouble is, that’s from an English point of view. I don’t know much but have the strong feeling consumer protection in France is not as solid as usually in England.

Ah! That really interesting to know!