Car Ports and Tax Habitation

Can anybody tell me whether constructing a covered car port will affect my tax habitation? If its not 'covered' but instead is part covered e.g. a pergola-type build, would that change anything?

pretty sure it will affect taxe unless it is classed as a temporary installement ie no fondations/can be taken down

I'm pretty sure that it WILL add tax. Also bear in mind that permission is usually needed from the Mairie, even for a wooden shed. Admittedly we are in protected zone but some English expats put up a standar wooden shed in the middle of their garden but they have been ordered to move it or demolish it. The location suggested by the Architecte de France is absolutely unsuitable and the front glazed wall (wanted to face west to get the evening sune) would have to face east. There is a tightening up of controls going on and one of the reasons is to charge more tax to raise revenue.

Thanks Dominique



you can find some information on this site:

I think any new construction is taken into account for the calculation of the "taxe foncière" and the "taxe d'habitation", even if it's not "covered", but maybe better to ask them, possible on the site.

Sorry about my English, but I'm French.

Hope I could be of any help.