Car registration returning to uk

I french registered my UK bought and registered car 5 years ago. Upon returning to the UK can I revert to the old UK reg or is it a total import procedure?

You need to go to the DVLA website. You are 99.9.% certain to get the original number but you have to register the car. I’m fairly sure that you are not allowed to drive the car until the, online, registration procedure is complete.

You need to go on Government Gateway site and register your intent to register your car in the U.K. again
You getconfirmation by email if there is a VAT implication or not.
You then wait 48 hours before sending your application to DVLA
You need to complete form V55/5 with info from Cert of Conformity
Also include appropriate Road Fund Fee
French Carte Grise(original) - keep a copy
Proof of ID -Passport or U.K. driving license copy
Proof of address - Bank Statement/Phone Bill
Send this off to DVLA in Swansea
Takes about 2 weeks to get License plate number, good chance of reverting to previous U.K. number
The DVLA advice is that you cannot drive the vehicle on U.K. roads as soon as you start the online process.