Car trouble. Sold a car and now the buyer has changed his mind

Hi everyone. I sold a car last week, was paid with a cheque de banque, cashed it the following day, was then told by my bank they would not accept the check as it looked like the name had been changed, it hadn’t, as we had not changed it (why would we, it was written out to us ??!!) and I checked with the bank that wrote the check, they confirmed they had written a check. Despite this my bank (La Poste) cancelled the check and the money was refunded to the buyer. He then calls me today (8 days after the sale) to say he has changed his mind about the car and I should come and pick it up, 6 hours round trip. When he came to get the car he brought a mechanic and did a full inspection of the car for over 2 hours (btw there is nothing wrong with the car). If my bank had accepted the check I think the whole sale would have just gone through. I am at a loss as to what to do. Any advice anyone ?????

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About 10 years ago I received a bank statement from Banque Tarneaud telling me 22000€ had been put into my account. I called immediately to say there had been an error. They refused to accept my explanation that the money wasn't mine and could they take it out. They insisted that I must have inherited money or that I had sold a property etc. This saga went on for about two months. I contacted my 'directeur' of another bank (CA) and told him the story so as to have a witness at least. I received a phone call, followed by threatening letters from the bank shortly after telling me that I had received 22000€ fraudulently and that action would be taken (prison plus fine) if the money wasn't returned forthwith ! They took the money out of my account when they realised another of their 'valued' customers had found 22000€ of their money was missing from their account. I didn't even get an apology ...

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That happened to us too with the CA. They lost an envelope, never got the money (it was around €300 I think) . I have no faith in the banking here at all.

Good Skills Karen. Illigitimi Non carborundum. :-)

Excellent result. Too many people think they can pick and choose what the law is but this one got his come comeuppance. Congratulations. Now, don't spend all the money at once on celebrating though ;-)

I know, this whole thing could have been avoided if they had called the bank (whose name and address is on the check) but they didn't even stop to check, they just cancelled. Tbh I find all banks pretty rubbish, the CA once lost €300 that I deposited into the post box thing in the bank. Despite having the slip and a camera outside the bank (wasn't working ??). They never gave me back the money, said we didn't deposit it. I have no confidence in their system of depositing money.

We use the PO and recently they refused a cheque made out to us on the basis the client had written 'thirteen hundred' instead of 'one thousand three hundred'. We ended up going to another post office to put it in our account.

Last week as well, they wouldn't let me put cash in my husbands account due to the fact that it was his account - not mine! It's a rubbish bank.

Chortle :)

Well I didn't but neither did he. He was just blowing smoke. Totally different animal on the phone with me this morning, meek and mild, all 'thank you's' and 'please let me know if there is any problem'.

Rah! Sort of makes you wonder whether he has a friend working at the PO (!?) but whatever I'm just really pleased it's been sorted so quickly. And hopefully he may not try it again, as I'm sure he thought you didn't know the system / law and was trying it on.

Impec ! ;-)

Just to update you on the car mess. The police eventually got hold of the buyer on the phone, which is all it took really. He went to the bank today and transferred the money to our account. No bank check this time. In fact I spoke directly to his bank to complete the transfer and explained how the PO had cancelled the check etc. They said this should definitely not have happened. And I have spoken with a friend of mine too who has worked in banking for years here, she said the same thing, definitely a mistake on behalf of the PO to cancel a check without first checking with the issuing bank. So I am just waiting for the PO to send me confirmation of the cancellation and will then, with the help of my banking friend, make a complaint. This shouldn't happen, a valid bankers check should give us security. So all turned out good in the end, but a very stressful few days .............thank you everybody for your advise and info.