Car Valet

Does anyone know if the French use Car Valets and if so would they use a valet centre or a mobile valet?

There's an "American Car Wash" centre in Aubiere (outskirts of Clermont Ferrand) which always seems to have a queue of cars waiting to be cleaned and there's a guy in my nearby town of Mende (Lozere) who also seems to do well as every time I call he's booked up a couple of weeks in advance.

Thanks Johnny, I was in a rush earlier and didn't have time to look up his details but you're right, I was thinking of John, mind you Redon is rather a long way north!

They do use them in towns but such services are few and far between. Last year we bought a car which had been used as a mobile ashtray and I couldn't find a valeting service anywhere nearby. I eventually tracked down one (mobile) guy who was booked for the next two weeks so I ended up having to do it myself, despite having been quite prepared to pay.

I think it would work as long as you are not in too rural an area. Generally (and I am generalising here....!), anything that is popular / works in the UK and has not yet hit France is worth exploring as a business idea.

A couple of years ago a drive in valet service was installed in a large Carrefour in the 64 and is now hugely popular.

Not long after meeting my OH I suggested I cleaned her car for her one weekend, she was delighted - she'd NEVER cleaned it in the 6 years she'd owned it. That speaks volumes about rural "car hygiene". Ours get a wash in the spring and that seems to do the trick ;-)

There is a member of sfn who does valetting but I can remember who or where, further north I think...

Hi David, my first thoughts were 'don't be silly' as car orderliness is the sort of thing they get off on.. but on their own... and secondly they would not pay anyone using like ... er.. money. Camels and sandstorms come to mind.

Having said that, I do know a guy who does a mobile 'water free' valeting service and he seems to do ok. You might try something more based around cakes.

Only a thought

Best of luck anyhoo