Caravan is it easier UK or Fr reg'd?

I have been looking through the various posts in this section to see if it is possible to put a UK reg caravan onto French system . I have just completed our UK car which is now on the french system . Will it need a CT ? If it is an older caravan might there be an issue with original paperwork if needs certificate of conformity ? Thank you if an issue maybe easier to look for a french reg caravan .

Yes it is possible but a bit of an effort is needed. If the caravan is more than 500kg, you need a Carte Gris. The van will have to go to be be examined for safety, gas etc. You need a CT. All like changing the car but more complicated.

Are caravans registered in the UK now then? Never used to be.

No but here in France yes. also trailers over 500kg.

@kazz4662 are you talking about something which one tows… or something which one drives…
There is some confusion since Caravans (towed) surely won’t be registered in UK… ???

Camping-Cars (driven) would, of course, need to be registered in UK…

Once we’ve identified exactly what you are talking about… the answers will come flooding in, I’m sure…

Looking to buy a towing caravn is it easier to get french one especially over 500kg. I understand over 500kg require CT and insurance and under 500kg does not req CT and inform insurance Co re insurance ?

What are the other possibilities… easier than what ???

If you live in France it would probably be easier to buy a French one… of whatever size…

There is no requirement for caravans to have a CT.

The one thing you DON’T need is a CT.
Older UK caravans tend not to have an EU certificate of conformity so these would need to be tested by DREAL. You are often required to supply certificates of conformity for the chassis, axles, brakes & tow bar etc. In turn they might also require the gas, electricity, ventilation & internal fittings to be tested by an outfit such as Veritas who may also require changes to be made at your expense.
However, some UK caravan specs might already be lodged with DREAL which makes things easier.
Points to note - it does not matter which side the access door is on - it does not carry passengers on the road so are unlikely to disembark into traffic. Also it is not necessary to obtain a douanes import (846a).

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Is this now true for caravans under the 500 kgs limit then Mark? Over a period of 22 years I have had 3 such and the possibility of any kind of registration or conformity has never been raised.

Any caravan or trailer with a PTAC of 500kg or under does not need to be registered. It just needs the traction vehicle number on it.
As registration is not required neither is a certificate of conformity.
A caravan or camping car over 30 years old & over 500kg can be registered as a vehicule de collection with an FFVE attestation only, so the need for a DREAL or Veritas check goes away.

Thank you, and thankfully, it is as I thought. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you Mark very helpul. The guy at CT station said needed one maybe he meant a camper van ? .Also, do you like in the UK just put same plate as car or will it need to be registured via ANTS and get its own plate ?
Also will it need insurance as thats question is getting mixed replies ? Thanks again were keen to get a caraven probably over 500g we live in Fr , our car has fr plates already .
If wegot a caravan from UK am guessing that will need tax on inport .thanks

I’m sure he meant for camper vans.
Caravans don’t fare well with headlight alignment, steering components & seat belt tests (to name a few) although the emission test is a doddle.
As stated above, if the caravan has a loaded total weight greater than 500kg (which is most of them) then it needs to be registered as a vehicle in its own right. As such these would have a carte grise & registration number of their own. Only the light (500kg or under) caravans don’t need a carte grise & therefore would need to carry the towing vehicle’s registration number.
Caravans do not need an import certificate because they are not motor vehicles although Douanes will be quite happy to take your money anyway. Registration tax, after you have jumped through all the hoops, is just 13.76€

thank you again Mark