Caravan newbie

I feel the time has come to dabble my toes in the world of caravanning. I intend to go in with a small budget as there appear to be many, many examples around for 2,000 euros or less.
It so happens that the chap who sold me a set of garden gates is passionate about caravans and always has a couple for sale. He now has one of those old, vintage type Digue units that my wife is very keen on as they are ‘cute’ and have a certain cache.
It is in very good condition and very clean which is very important to us even for small money. It is ready to hit the road except that it does not have a CG so I would need to take the FFVE route. The chap assures me that it is an easier process with caravans than cars and only takes a couple of months. I am perfectly willing to believe him. However I also know from experience that cars can take a couple of years and I do not want an unusable caravan stuck in the hangar for the foreseeable.
Does anyone have any experience of same? Further, does it need a CT to be towed or is there a size category beneath which this is not required, as with a remorque?
Any advice will be appreciated and thank you in advance.

“From 19 January 2013 drivers passing a category B (car and small vehicle) test can tow small trailers weighing no more than 750kg.” Above that IIRC, the trailer requires a CT and the permis holder an age related medical. It is the reason most “seniors” in France drive camper vans :wink:

That is interesting. Research tells me a 1968 Digue Caravette weighs 535 kgs so therefore I will not need a CT nor a medical if I understand correctly. I assume however that the CG will have to be in my name before I can tow it legally as otherwise insurance will not be possible.
Thanks for the input.

Is the towing vehicle French registered?
If yes, AFAIK most French Car Insurance policies automatically cover a remorque. The Registration number to be fixed to the caravan will be the one of the towing vehicle and no CG or CT will apply - just as in the case of a small trailer taking garden waste to the dechet.

Well that is pretty handy if accurate. It is French registered and I will have a word with AXA. All sounds rather easy compared with many of the other admin stresses we go through. :+1:

In June 2016 the need to submit a medical to obtain or renew a category BE license (trailer over 750kg) was “supprimée”.

There is a bit of confusion going on in this thread. Does the caravan have a Carte Grise? If so you will need to transfer the ownership into your name, a very straightforward process. It will neither have nor need a Control Technique but as it is over 500kg it will need its own insurance policy.

You can tow it with a licence that covers BE, no medical is required.

Thank you for all the input. As I stated in my original post the caravan does not have a CG and I asked if anyone had any experience of taking an old example through the FFVE route. The chap selling it claims it is easier than a car…perhaps because there is no motor?
If anyone has ideas on that please shout but otherwise my question seems to have been answered.
Thanks again.

But in your second one you posted that the CG would have to be in your name before you could tow it, that implied that at the moment the CG existed in another name.
The system through FFVE seems to be effective and as a conventional replacement CG can only be applied for by the current holder that would appear to be your only way forward. I cannot believe that the process for obtaining a FFVE Attestation of the CG itself would be any quicker for a remorque than for any other vehicle.

Well spotted Dan. In fact I have been looking at others since my op. It seems that there are quite a few caravans out there without CG’s. The owners stock answer is usually that they can be gained through FFVE. I know through my own experience with cars, and that of friends, that it can be a lengthy and arduous process. I guess the best route is to pay a little more to ensure the CG is current.

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