Carcassonne Drinks

This event was such a rip roaring success that we thought it would be nice for you to hear all about it! Huge thanks go to Miles and Annette for organising and to Peter and Deborah for being such amazing hosts!

If you’d like to organise a get together for SFN members in your area or are able to offer a suitable venue, please get in touch!!

This is what the members had to say…

After wrapping up well against the cold and taking a few steadying breaths, I pushed the buzzer for 42 RVH with trepidation. Who would be there? Would they be nice? Would I talk to anyone?

I have no idea why I was so worried. Our host Peter met me at the door and was warm and welcoming as he ushered me into his beautiful home. The table was laden with delicate canapes, charcuterie that you just knew would be melt in the mouth and a selection of wines and juices. I took a glass of the most delicious lemonade I have ever had and complimented Deborah, our hostess on it. She said it had just been “pepped up” a bit but wouldn’t tell me with what!

I am by nature a corner stander until I suss out a room but there was no chance of that last night. I was soon chatting away to my fellow SFNers about life, work and of course France. Although I am not a business person nor a craftsman nor a renter of gites I was included by all in their conversations and was made to feel welcome.

Two hours flew by with some of the nicest people I have been lucky enough to meet.

I cannot thank Miles and Annette enough for organising the event nor Peter and Deborah for hosting. I for one will be going again if another meet up is arranged. If you have an event near you I would recommend going - brilliant evening. Vive le Languedoc! Jacqui Webster

A rather belated “Thank You” to Peter and Deborah Woodcock for allowing us to invade their lovely home on Tuesday for the inaugural Carcassonne SFN meeting. Thanks too go to Miles and Annette for their organisational skills, in managing to arrange such a big turnout, with such a varied group of interesting members. It was a most pleasant evening, and the time just flew by. It was amazing from just how far away many prople had come to the gathering. Sete [Nancy & James] seemed to be the record distance travelled from those I spoke with during the evening. It was a good balance of people, which seems to reflect the Brits living in the Languedoc. Roll on the next “social”…Phil Espley.

We had a great evening, really enjoyed it - and spent the entire evening networking (when not nibbling or drinking!) Networking was the essential gain from the evening for me - meeting up with people I had already chatted with and making new acquaintances amongst the ex-pat community. You just never know - one day - I might need an English speaking builder! And thats rather the point of networking - you don’t need anything right now but who knows in the future … you’re far more likely to contact someone if you’ve already met them and trotted home clutching their business card. Joanne Mathews

On a dreary evening in Carcassonne weatherwise, we experienced a very warm welcome from our hosts, organisers and fellow members of this group. Having just joined up, it was great to meet some new people in our town and David and I look forward to seeing you again. Many thanks. Debbie Baker

Enjoyed the evening - great company too. Look forward to the next one. Peter Mathews.

It was a fun evening. We would definitely be interested in any similar events in the future. Alanna Barrett

We had a very nice evening, met some new people and reacquainted with some friends. Really enjoyed the nibbles and drinks so all in all a successful evening.

Many thanks to the hosts and organisers. Brian Stephens

Thanks to all of you guys who organized last night’s social event in Carcassonne. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting such interesting people. Looking forward to the next event!

Hilary and Doug de Gast

I was a little nervous about the meeting at first, only to find out that everyone was really nice and friendly. I had a fantastic time, and will come to the next meeting, good to actually meet people I know via Internet. Leslie Starr

Thanks to both our hosts and to Annette and Miles for a lovely evening. It was interesting to meet others who are carving a life for themselves one way or another in the area. We all spend too much time in virtual relationships through various sites, so meetings like this re great. Nicola Blakemore

Many thanks to Annette, Miles, Peter and his wife, for a wonderful evening. It was lovely to meet new people and share experiences. Looking forward to to future events.

Celeste and Rob Vogel-dillon

And last but very much not least, this is what the organisers Miles and Annette had to say…

When James and Catherine asked Annette and I to help out with the Languedoc-Roussillon group on Survive France Network we were delighted to help.

Having got to know so many people through the network on line, it has been terrific to have the opportunity to organise gatherings in person; the bar in Montpellier chosen by Ed Ward was a great find, and to have somewhere like 42 RVH offered as a venue by Peter and Debra was a definite bonus!

Peter and Debrah did an amazing job of welcoming the 40 ish people to their home, providing nibbles (and what stunning nibbles they were!) and drinks for everyone, even down to the home made lemonade.

The variety of the group was quite something. From retired to young, successful to starting out, virtually everyone seemed to get on with each other, there was chat, networking, laughing, and just a darned good time being had by all. I found that most people looked a little familiar, and matching the names to the faces from the SFN site was quite fun for a while. Then it was just a drinks party, in a great location with some very good people.

Annette and I had a great time, and having been working so hard on our website, what better way to take a break? Next stop Argeles sur mer with Malcolm Cooper on the 23rd of March. Watch this space!

A great evening with lovely hosts - a refreshing new group of contacts in Carcassonne.