Carcassonne Préfecture & Carte de Séjour

Hi, has anyone applied for their Carte de Séjour recently and can help me with the request for proof of 5 years continuous residence in France. They recommend one document per 6 months, so 10 documents altogether. This seems a bit extreme (let alone the trees needed to be felled for this!!) and wondered if indeed this was required and what documents you used?

The Connexion newspaper published this list which should help. However, it’s possible that your particular prefecture may want more or less than what’s on the list. Also, this has been discussed a few times on here so I suggest you use the search function to find some other discussions.

Good luck.

Here’s a start for you. An earlier discussion on here.

If and probably when I go down the CdS route, I was going to send copies of minutes of the last 5 years of Conseil Municipal meetings. Be interesting to see if they would be accepted.

:open_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: accepted for what purpose Mark ?? :wink:

Proof of residence

but you were in UK in between, surely… :wink::wink::wink:

In between what - council meetings? Don’t think so!

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They plant the trees for the long lists you get at the checkout with offers that you have to go back to the shop within three days to redeem.