Am down in st Lucia in the Caribbean and its hot hot hot but I see France has at last got really high temperatures. We are down here for a month and have just put the finishing touches to an apartment overlooking the sea in the lovely little fishing village of laborie about twenty minutes from the airport, Every morning the fishermen go out to,sea and when they get back, they blow a conch shell to announce its the time to go and buy fresh fish, Today being Sunday the church bells have been belting out and church here fills up with people in their Sunday best clothes. Some look like they should be going to a ball, lots of satin and net and elaborate hats.

Went down to the sea this morning for an early swim and lolled in the sea eating fresh mangoes…best place to eat them. Everywhere there are mangoes and I never realised there are so many varieties. Some are a bit stringy but mostly they are large and full of juice. As I write this, birds are lining up o mother wire calling out for their breakfast, They soon know when we have arrived.

The apartment sits high on a hill overlooking the sea which is turquoise, blue, light green with navy patches this morning and looks like glass, strains of country and western music waft up occasionally and I have put my watch away and let the day take care of itself.

If anyone out there is interested in renting and they want to experience the real Caribbean, do contact me. One bedroom for two people, fully equipped, very good price!!!