Carpets and bedrooms

Daft question: where does one buy fitted carpets? Like carpet right or carpets 4 u, that kind of establishment. For people with dogs and a normal budget?

Warren had a suggestion earlier this year…

@Soggydoggy . The St Maclou shop chain ,there will be others, A search for shops selling moquettes may bring up what you are looking for.The Pages Jaune maybe

My experience is that moquette is just as it sounds a mock up of proper carpet. My french nieces were amazed at my bouncy bedroom carpet when they visited because I tracked down an english firm doing fitted carpets in France. This was about eight years ago now but this is/was their number : 06 42 19 82 12. Don’t know if they’re still in operation

Fitted carpets are not mega-popular in France, so limited choice and service availability.


We got a berber type fitted carpet dunlop underlay and carpet gripper from Maclou. We didn’t ask about fitting as the room was rectangular so no fancy cutting and fitted it ourselves.

Jon the Carpet Man on facebook does excellent work [l think he mainly supplies quaity carpets from the UK].

I will try him , certainly. Thank you everyone, we are not yet ready for carpets, but I have learnt something else again.

We don’t have any carpets, just a rug in our salon and I much prefer the oak flooring and the terracotta tiles in our hall and the kitchen part of our kitchen diner.