Carrefour - A tale of excellence

We all have horror stories of the customer service and poor delivery times offered in our adopted land. This tale starts with the demise of my beloved combi oven. Only twelve years old and much abused it finally popped its clogs three weeks ago. I had been awaiting this and previously looked at the options available here in France (getting one shipped from the UK was not really an option). Research was completed and the OH found the machine I wanted at Le Redoute. Order was placed with guaranteed delivery within eight days. So being acclimatised to the French way of things we sat back and waited, checked our order on the website every day, sent emails asking where the delivery was - with no reply as per the standard. On day 16 I lost patience (I have achy joints and missed my heat pad - pretty much all I use the microwave for).

So........... went back to the internet and found the same machine for ten Euro less at Carrefour (including delivery). It was here in four days from order, earlier than the date specified and exactly what we had ordered. In the meantime La Redoute dispatched the machine the day after they received our cancellation and will not refund until it is returned to them. They are now going to be charged for admin every time we have to write to them!

I have to congratulate Carrefour for doing what they advertised and will use them again in the hope that it was not first time lucky. Off now to bake my lovely OH a batch of brownies - well I have to play with the new toy.

Like :)

I must say we have had great service including punctual deliveries, functioning returns policy (something arrived broken, we sent it back, they repaid us the delivery money) and pretty reasonable prices. Pity some of their range is so small though...