Cars in France

We will be arriving in France next April for 3 months, renting a property half an hour from Carcassonne in village without trains/buses. etc. We will need a car obviously. All going well, we intend to return for a year in September. Anyone got any advice? Rent/lease/buy? Rental for 3 months is horrendously expensive, and I can’t find any leasing options for EU residents. Buying would mean paying for storage for July and August. Thanks in advance. Sheila

Thanks for that Louise

Thanks for that Robin. We live in Ireland, so even if there is a LHD centre here, the drive/ferry/drive option would be very difficult. Thanks anyway.

Cars are not cheap and second hand ones make silly prices. We bought from the left hand drive centre in Basingstoke - who also bought our RHD car. Great service and easy to do. Prices pretty good too

You will find 2nd hand cars ridiculously expensive.

Lowest cost option will be to drive your uk car down and back.

probably not want you wanted to hear, sorry!